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Jedichu and the PokéJedi Council

Upon first return to Coruscant after my time in the Matrix, I told the Jedi Council what had happened there, and they became more adamant than ever that I join with them. Again I refused, but they gave me a lightsaber since I was now well versed in combat training. I stayed on Coruscant just long enough to take Lightsabers 101 and 205. I wasn't used to working with such an involved weapon, but it slowly began to grow on me.

Within a month, the Jedi Council requested that I go to Tatooine to meet up with a someone who desperately needed passage back to the Council. I protested that I wasn't a taxi service, but since they were training me (if only in lightsaber), they could order me around, at least a little bit. So the Pokémon and I went to Tatooine. It was SUCH a mistake to leave my Pokémon out of their Pokéballs, to park the Jump-DMC on a dune outside of town, and to leave my lightsaber visible while not wearing the Jedi robes!!! On the way into the spaceport, we were quickly approached by these 2 guys dressed in black robes. They claimed to be Pokémon trainers and were curious about my batch, but they also commented about the lightsaber dangling from my belt.

I started to feel a little threatened and put all but Ewanpuff back into the Pokéballs and invited them to join us for lunch to talk Pokémon, as they were the first people I'd encountered in this particular Dimension who knew anything about them. That's when they made their move. One of them, with the scariest tattoos I'd ever seen, pulled out a double-bladed lightsaber and proceeded to duel me. I'd never had a duel before (I was still learning how to clock laser bolts) and was nearly killed. Ewanpuff was grabbed and hushed by the other guy, whose face I never saw as it was hidden by a cowl. I used several moves I learned while in the Matrix and combined them with the Force for the first time, but while it was very impressive to these two guys, it was not enough to win the battle.

Just as it seemed the tattooed guy was going to kill me, out of nowhere comes this Pikachu (dressed in Jedi robes) and delivers my attackers the biggest Thundershock attack I'd ever seen! Moreso, the attack didn't effect Ewanpuff, who was able to escape from the cowled man's grip while he was being shocked. The Pikachu, who spoke Basic with a voice that sounded exactly like James Mason, said it was my contact and directed us to leave the planet immediately. The 2 guys started to follow us, and the Pikachu asked me to capture it so that it would be safe, so I did *. We managed to give the two guys the slip and we escpaed. En route, I let the new Pikachu out and he explained that he was a Jedi Master and had been stranded on the planet for some time, unable to return to the PokéJedi Council. I'd never heard of them before, and were it not for his large Thundershock I would have thought he was kidding. Back on Coruscant again, we all went before the Jedi Council and I read them the royal riot act about the whole thing.

I was about to leave forever when the Jedi Pikachu told me that it had asked for me specifically because it knew of the Dimension Jumpers and had actually worked with them before. This caught my attention as the Jedi Council is the only organization in any Dimension that knows the full story behind us (just these 12 Jedi). Turns out that long ago, the first D.J. to jump from the PokéDimension to the Star Wars Dimension had brought some Pokémon with it and had let them live in the galaxy. When this generation of Pokémon had children, they all were born with the ability to use the Force! Thus they were taken to the Jedi Council on Coruscant where they were kept in greater secrecy than the Dimension Jumpers! They became known as the PokéJedi, formed their own Council, and used the Dimension Jumpers to move in between their 2 home Dimensions.

The Jedi Pikachu took me to his PokéJedi Council to tell them what he had found out while stranded on Tatooine. Apparently there were some rogue Jedi or something who had discovered him and his powers and had been trailing him for quite some time. Every PokéJedi needed to be warned that their cover may be potentially blown, so I was enlisted to take this Pikachu back to PokéPlanet so he could warn their commerades there. One problem: I had had to officially capture it so it could safely flee our 2 attackers. It's not appropriate to have Jedi Masters in Pokéballs so I had to now officially release it, which I did. Now both Councils wanted me to continue to train as a Jedi Knight and again I refused, but since I'd be chauffering the Jedi Pikachu around for awhile, and it was obvious that I really needed to continue the lightsaber training, we all came to an agreement that I would be its UNofficial Padawan. Likewise, I would also be its UNofficial Pokémon Master.

So with this new arragement, we headed home so the Pikachu, whom we nicknamed "Jedichu", could warn the other PokéJedi. The Jigglypuffs and I recorded a few more albums and held an impromptu tour to give Jedichu the access and so we could make a few more quick bucks. After completing his mission, Jedichu opted to stay with us and has been ever since.

* Jedichu must have used a Force trick to keep any of my other Pokémon from being telelported home, becuase no matter what Dimension you're in, you cannot carry more than 6 Pokémon at a time- ones that have been captured by and use a Pokéball that is. Because Jedichu was officially released from his (temporary) Pokéball, it is possible for me to have 7 Pokémon with me provided Jedichu is the 7th.

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