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Freedom and Fighters

Good news: after just 3 local concerts with our trio, the Jigglypuff Singers, we finally had enough money to get off-planet.
Bad news: the cops (officer Jennys) had finally caught up with us. Our fame/good reputation worked to our disadvantage.

I was able to explain my part in the stuff and they let me go...but not before the Pokémon had bravely strolled into the jail and the Jigglypuffs had attempted to sing everyone to sleep so I could escape. But because I had trained the Jigglypuffs to sing for show and not battle, they were unsuccessful. I explained to the Pokémon why I could no longer live as a fugitive, and the Jennys let me explain my dealings with the eariler space smugglers. They almost sent me to an orphange (I was only 9 at the time), but I convinced them otherwise, and finally we were allowed to leave the planet.

Before we left, we signed a big fat recording contract for the Jigglypuff Singers (including Ianpuff), in which we retain all rights and full control. We can always go back to PokéPlanet and record a few records for a quick few bucks. We also began training the Jigglypuffs for battle as well as for show. They are now formidable vocalists and fierce fighters...who can fully control the sleep part of their powers!

During one of our first official tours, we were playing yet another bar and yet again there was a brawl. But this time everyone, including ourselves, got beaten by a single Jigglypuff. But it didn't beat us by singing, it beat us by...well...beating us! Most Fighting Pokémon don't have a right hook or body slam that powerful!

We were suprised and honored that it wanted to join us (even tho it beat the whole bar in under 95 seconds), but it did have one provision: it wanted to evolve into a Wigglytuff. So we used some of our music money to buy a Moon Stone and evolved it immediately. When we went out to celebrate our new friend and her new evolution at another bar, we got into another fight- a real tough steamer! We all ran for cover because it was waaay beyond us, but Wigglytuff took care of the whooole thing yet again!

That night, she became known to the universes as Wiggly-tough; many bars in Faraway Galaxy know about the Wiggly-tough. Although she's a formidable fighter, she prefers to stay home and hold the fort...especially since I joined the Dimension Jumper Squad and we've gotten more enemies an' stuff. But when she's out and on the prowl with us LOOK OUT!

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