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Within months of capturing [Seanpuff], I abandoned my smuggler guardians and let out on my own. We quickly got in with a few smugglers who worked in outer space. To a kid this sounded like the coolest thing (and [Seanpuff] didn't object either) so we hitched up with this guy who ran "military quippment" off-planet, but still within PokéSpace. I honed my trading, computer, and piloting skills during my 2 years with him.

Things started to heat up, especially after we learned he had been running guns, so we quietly crept away back to PokéPlanet. We starting doing whatever odd jobs we could manage. In between work, I mangaged to catch 2 more Jigglypuff (who would later become Ianpuff and Hamillpuff) and a Pikachu we named PeterPika (after Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater), all in the wild. During this time, my then-employer was arrested in a shakedown and we narrowly escaped.

Now on the run, we ran out of cash pretty quickly and essentially became homeless. During our homeless months, I had a radical idea to teach my 3 Jigglypuffs how to sing without putting people to sleep. While the blonde one, [Ianpuff], had no inclinations to sing, he did display an enthusiasm for acting; so I concentrated the singing efforts on [Seanpuff] and [Hamillpuff]. It took about seven months and a LOT of naps, but the 'Puffs & I had such a relationship that I never once was on the wrong end of a Jigglypuff's felt tip pen. PeterPika did however. :-)

By then, [Seanpuff] and [Hamillpuff] were getting to be really good singers, and we started to put together a little show. We worked carnivals and trashy bars. Because generally no one understands or appreciates Jigglypuffese when spoken, Ianpuff decided to entertain the other Pokémon with his acting while the other 2 sang for the humans. Ianpuff also discovered an interest in business and began to keep track of our meager earnings. PeterPika, having dreadful stage fright, decided it was best for him to play watchdog since he is so extremely protective of me.

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