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Last Updated: 01/30/03


Name: Ewanpuff     Type: Jigglypuff

Voice: natural & Ewan McGregor

Rank/Job: frontman when singing; in charge of causing distractions and being bait

Seat: the shelf/stoop behind my seat so he's right in my ear at all times.

Appearence: spiked dirty strawberry blonde hair rarely combed

Personality: MAJOR troublemaker. Loves to sass me and cause trouble, and will often break our codes concerning human voices in order to do so. Also loves to drink my home-brewed trout-flavored beer (which he's been known to spike for himself on certain occaisions).

Strengths: getting into trouble, being obnoxious, going to the edge and just barely managing to not fall off, "There are even some things *Ewanpuff* won't do!", pushing my buttons, has sung more and more variety of songs than any of us.

Weaknesses: staying on-topic, keeping quiet, food, temptation, answering questions and being serious about it (he rarely gives a straight answer unless it'll benefit him), just about almost anything, he's got the strongest immune system and it's no wonder why.

Often... breaks our "no using human voices around strangers" policy just to raz me about something. He likes to be in fights or brawls; if he didn't start it, he'll be the first to fight back. I'm almost always bailing him out of some kind of trouble- I'm second to him in the realm of getting into trouble. Complains- about anything and everything, even if there's no rhyme or reason. He just likes to complain, bitch, moan, rant, and rave about stuff. But don't take most of it seriously; half of his complaints are actually back-handed compliments (don't ask).

Other: can sing like Ewan McGregor. Almost never in the Pokéball.

The Backstory: Resuced him & Hot ROddish from an abusive lounge singer/trainer. Won him from his abuser by having PeterPika beat Hot ROddish in a Pokémon battle. After spending time at a Pokémon Center, Ewanpuff described his former trainer to the police and helped put him in jail.

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