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Hello and welcome to Ian McDiarmid: Large List of Links! This website is an ongoing archive/culmination of the various links to websites/pages/articles I've encountered that have content concerning the actor Ian McDiarmid and the theatre at which he works, the prestigious Almeida Theatre in London, England. This site is for everybody so if you see something you feel should be included, please drop me a line! Thanks and enjoy!

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04/19/04:  Site status: Back in December, my computer suffered a virus attack and crashed. Because the software available for doing backups was (at the time) incomprehensible, I had no backup and lost roughly 9 months of data. This includes an enormous portion of all new work I was doing on this site. Most of the data pre-April 2003 is still intact, but the large -ography (film, stage, radio, absolutely everything) I was working on (and which would effectively redo the site) was a complete loss and I have to start again from scratch.
I currently have a lot on my plate in real life right now so please consider this site on hiatus.
All links that are here are either still good or can be plugged in to the Wayback Machine. All Guardian Unlimited articles can only be viewed now if you register with their site first due to a change in their policy. I am sorry for not getting around to this sooner. I have *not* forgotten about the site.
For latest news on Ian McDiarmid, why not join some fellow fans at the messageboard or join allaboutian?

04/19/04:  Happy Belated Birthday Ian! was offline

06/03/03:  More of the older pages here have their new layouts and I'm working on fixing the links and the new pages. We won't have new links for awhile but the submit page should help with that.

05/28/03:  New site layout for our second anniversary! Please excuse the mess as there are some broken links and the pages are being re-worked right now.

05/23/03:  Started to work again on the new site layout. Also will work on restoring some older links (albiet indirectly) and adding some new pages!

04/17/03:  Happy Birthday Ian!!!

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