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d = description
m = mirror
p = photos
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r = review

     Aunt Dan and Lemon:

Opened:   00.00.0000

2000.05.05    Whatsonstage.Com "Aunt Dan & Lemon"
1999.05.05    This Is London "Dramatic Provocation From Aunt Dan"   p


Playwright: David Hare
Opened:   April 27; (Previews starting April 15 at Albery Theatre)

1999.04.28    Whatsonstage.Com "Plenty"

Brief Mentionings:
1999.12    Los Angeles magazine"The Talented Ms. Blanchett"   i c/o FindArticles.Com


Playwright: Esther Vilar
Opened:   00.00.0000

1999.05.09    Whatsonstage.Com "Speer"   p
1999.03.23    This Is London "Drama of Delving into Nazism"   p, Ian q
1999.03.19    New Statesman "Speer"   c/o FindArticles.Com
1999.02.28    Guardian Unlimited "Speer Carrier"   Ian q on former Almeida actor


Playwright: Maxim Gorky
Opened:   00.00.0000

1999.02.05    New Statesman "Vassa"   m: "The Forest"   r of "Vassa", c/o FindArticles.Com
1999.01.28    Whatsonstage.Com "Vassa"
1999.01.27    This Is London "Vassa"   r & c
1999.01.20    This Is London "A Healthy Scrap Over the Script"   i & p
1999.01.14    This Is London "Vassa Will Stop at Nothing"   r & p

     Certain Young Men:

Opened:   00.00.0000

2001.01.21    This Is London "Certain Young Men"   r & p

     The Storm:

Playwright: Alexander Ostrovsky
Opened:   00.00.0000

1998.11.23    Whatsonstage.Com "Storm"   p

     Phèdre + Britannicus:

Playwright: Jean Racine
Opened:   September 3; (then double-billed with Britannicus)

1999.02.26    Commonweal "The Blue Room"   m: "Phedre"   r 2 plays (Donmar & Almeida), c/o FindArticles.Com
1998.07.28    Whatsonstage.Com "Almeida Spreads Wings In All Directions"   during rehersals, also mentions The Doctor's Dilemma and Malvern Festival

Playwright: David Hare?
Opened:   October 29; (then double-billed with Phèdre)

1998.11.05    Whatsonstage.Com "Britannicus"   p

     Mr. Puntila and His Man Matti:

Opened:   October 13; (after travelling and Malvern Fesitval)

-no data yet-

     The Play About the Baby:

Playwright: Edward Albee
Opened:   August 27; (after travelling and Malvern Festival)

1998.09.07    Whatsonstage.Com "Play About The Baby"

     The Doctor's Dilemma:

Opened:   00.00.0000; (after travelling and Malvern Festival)

Whatsonstage.Com "The Doctor's Dilemma"
Whatsonstage.Com "The Doctor's Dilemma"

1998.08.24    This Is London "Just What The Doctor Ordered"   r & c
1998.06.24    International Herald Tribune "Shaw's Life-or-Death 'Dilemma'"   r & c

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