Season 1997-1998: = European date (ascending chronologically)
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d = description
m = mirror
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r = review

     The Cenci:

Opened:   00.00.0000

-no data yet-

     Hey Persephone!:

Opened:   00.00.0000

1998.07.10    New Statesman "A Week in Music"   r & c, c/o FindArticles.Com

     Tongue of a Bird:

Opened:   00.00.0000

1997.11.21    New Statesman "Peter Gill: The Angry Director"   i mentions upcoming, c/o FindArticles.Com


Opened:   00.00.0000
Suicidal woman meets writer.

1998.02.23    Whatsonstage.Com "Naked"
1997.11.28    TheatreNet "Backstage Whispers Overheard by Richard Andrews"   musings include "Naked" & "The Government Inspector"

     The Judas Kiss:

Opened:   00.00.0000
Oscar Wilde's homosexual affair lands him in prison

Whatsonstage.Com "The Judas Kiss"

1998.03.27    New Statesman "The Judas Kiss"   c/o FindArticles.Com
1998.03.26    Whatsonstage.Com "Judas Kiss"

     The Government Inspector:

Opened:   00.00.0000
Satire looks at officials covering their asses when the government calls.

Whatsonstage.Com "The Government Inspector"

1998.01.05    Variety "London Decks Halls With Bows Aplenty"   r, c/o FindArticles.Com
1997.12.18    This Is London "Farcical Helter-Skelter Sparkles in the Heart of Scotland"   r & c

     The Iceman Cometh:

Playwright: Eugene O'Neill
Opened:   00.00.0000

1998.11.30    Whatsonstage.Com "Hollywood Stars Scoop London Drama Awards"   Kevin Spacey wins for Almeida
1998.04.09    Whatsonstage.Com "The Iceman Cometh"

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