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Hello and welcome to Almeida Theatre: Articles, Information, & Reviews! This website is an ongoing archive/culmination of the various links to websites/pages/articles I've encountered that have content concerning the prestigious Almeida Theatre and the plays it produces. This site is the necessary sister site to Ian McDiarmid: Large List of Links, so there is some favoritism towards Ian info on this site (hope that's not a problem). This site is for everybody so if you see something you feel should be included, please drop me a line! Thanks and enjoy!

I am by no means the official source for Almeida information, so please do visit the Official Site.

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  Major Articles

04 links      New Director
13 links      Resignation
08 links      Refurbishment
15 links      Misc

  Other Articles

04 links      Listings
10 links      Accolades
03 links      Misc

  2001-2002 Season

11th Opera Season:
upcoming      The Embalmer
upcoming      The Triumph of Beauty and                     Decieit

Theatre Season:
upcoming      A Chaste Man In Cheapside
01 links      King Lear
00 links      The Whizzkid
13 links      Faith Healer
00 links      Brutopia
01 links      I Take Your Hand in Mine
05 links      Platonov

  2000-2001 Season

10th Opera Season:
00 links      God's Liar
00 links      Sound City
00 links      Kantan and Damask Drum
00 links      Hoxton Music Days

Theatre Season:
00 links      Decky Does A Bronco
10 links      The Shape Of Things
01 links      Brummie Comedy Cocktail
12 links      Lulu
01 links      Benefits For The Beast!
23 links      The Tempest
02 links      Conversations After A Burial
01 links      Mr. Peters' Connections

  1999-2000 Season

09th Opera Season:
01 links      Light ?
00 links      My Zinc Bed ?
01 links      Stones In His Pockets
08 links      Richard II + Coriolanus

Theatre Season:
01 links      The Novice
01 links      Snogging Ken
02 links      Cressida
03 links      The Room + Celebration
01 links      Bash
00 links      Our Father
9 links      The Jew Of Malta
02 links      The Triumph of Love

  1998-1999 Season

08th Opera Season:
00 links     
00 links     

Theatre Season:
02 links      Aunt Dan and Lemon
02 links      Plenty
04 links      Speer
07 links      Vassa
01 links      Certain Young Men
01 links      The Storm
04 links      Phèdre + Britannicus
00 links      Mr Puntila and His Man Matti
01 links      The Play About The Baby
04 links      The Doctor's Dilemma

  1997-1998 Season

07th Opera Season:
00 links      The Cenci
01 links      Hey Persephone!

Theatre Season:
01 links      Tongue Of A Bird
02 links      Naked
03 links      The Judas Kiss
03 links      The Government Inspector
02 links      The Iceman Cometh

  1990-1997 Plays:

01 links      The Gigli Concert
01 links      Ivanov
00 links      Dona Rosita, The Spinster
00 links      A Midsummer Night's Dream
01 links      Volpone
01 links      Scenes From An Execution

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