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06/27/02: Found out a title was missing from one link so I fixed it. Also realized all the update dates were labeled as 2001. No no no... :-)

04/21/02: Having trouble with the linking banners. Fixed some navigation code too.

04/20/02: We finally have a banner!!!

04/19/02: Shuffled around some links- added some, deleted the dead ones. Got rid of most of the popups.

04/18/02: Added more links and started meshing it with the Large List of Links. Also put up the guestbook.

04/17/02: WEBSITE LAUNCHED! I've actually been working on this site for about 7 moonths now, and the backbones for this site have been in existence since November 6th. I hope this site will be of help to everyone and that it's also fully compatible with its sister site, Ian McDiarmid: Large List of Links. Please do stick around and thanks for stopping by!

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