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     New Artistic Director:

2002.01.27    Guardian Observer "Almeida: End of Act One"   i
2002.10.11    BBC News "Attenborough takes on Almeida"   3 p
2002.01.10    Whatsonstge.Com "Michael Attenborough Succeeds Almeida Dream Duo"
2002.01.10    Theatremail.Com"Almeida Chooses New Director"   p

     Kent & McDiarmid Resign:

2001.09.21    Guardian Unlimited "Coming Soon..."   key industry players discuss the upcoming season, one mentions the resigning
2001.09.18    TheForce.Net "Exit Stage Left"   snippet of BackStage.Com's article
2001.09.14    Backstage.Com "London's Almeida Duo to Go"   Ian q, and Platonov
2001.09.05    TheatreNow.Com "All Change at the Almeida"   p
2001.09.05    TheForce.Net "Ian McDiarmid Quits Almeida Theatre"
2001.09.05    Official London Theatre "Kent and McDiarmid Leave Almeida"   AFAIK they broke the news first
2001.09.05    Independent "Double act brings down curtain on Almeida years"
2001.09.05    Guardian Unlimited "Celebrated Double Act Quits Almeida theatre"
2001.09.05    Guardian Unlimited "Our Time Had Come"
2001.09.05    This Is London "Where now for the Almeida?"   c
2001.09.05    This Is London "Almeida Directors Set to Resign"   p

Brief Mentionings:
2001.09.09    Guardian Unlimited "Kelly's Eye on the Prize"
2001.09.05    Guardian Unlimited "Today's Media Stories From The Papers"

     Refurbishing the Almeida:

2000-01.Winter    King's Cross London "Lulu Comes to King's Cross"   announcement
2001.01.24    Variety "Almeida's Moving Perf"   current plays include Tempest & Lulu, c/o FindArticles.Com
2000.12.27    Guardian Unlimited "The Long and Short of It"   year in review
2000.12.10    Independent "The Men Behind the Theatre of the Nineties"   mulit-i, r & c, p absent
2000.12.07    Whatsonstage.Com "Tempest Heralds Almeida Closure for Revamp"
2000.12.07    This Is London "Why Anna Won't be Going Nude"   The Tempest, Lulu, i & p of Kent, MUCH more
2000.11.29    This Is London "Almeida Cooks Up a Storm"   and The Tempest
1999.09.29    Guardian Unlimited "Friendly Fire"   interview about Almeida's success


2001.06.17    Washington Post "A New Star In West End, And Elsewhere"   Joint Artistic Directors i
2000.12.18    New Statesman "Small But Perfectly Performed."   i & history, c/o FindArticles.Com
2000.06.22    This Is London "London Call For Hollywood Elite"   Ian mention, p
2000.04.11    This Is London "Stage Fight for Theatres"   Almeida vs Donmar p
1999.09.29    Guardian Unlimited "Friendly Fire"   i
1999.09.29    This Is London "Theatre Fashions Cash From Thin Air"   mentions several theatres
1999.09.29    This Is London "Almeida Packs a Premiere Punch"   p
1998.02.24    Dispatch Online "London Theatre Draws Top Stars at Union Wage"   c, Naked, Ice Man Cometh, & Judas Kiss
Islington.Net Almeida Press Release: The Tempest    press release

Brief Mentionings:
2001.04.22    Guardian Unlimited "It's Time for the National Theatre to be Shaken Up - and Stirred"
2001.04.18    Independent "National Begins Hunt for Nunn's Successor"
2000.12.14    This Is London "Coming In From The Fringe"   p
1999.04.21    This Is London "Why the National Theatre Has Lost its Golden Touch"
1998.05.28    This Is London "Theatre Industry Angry at 'Downgrade'"
1994.05.??    Red Pepper "The New Cold War"   lecture transcript, thank you mention    m

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