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Rickman in the Round "Almeida Theatre: The Theatre's History"   Theatre's History
Time Out: The World's Living Guide Entertainment: Theatre: Off-West End Venues: Theatre List   d
London Theatre Guide Online Fringe & Other London Listings A-F   CURRENT PLAYS, d
The British Council's Theatre & Dance UK Website The Almeida Theatre


2002.02.05    BBC News "Critics' Kisses for Kate"   winners
2001.11.26    TheatreNow.Com "Evening Standard Drama Awards Announced"   winners
2001.11.06    This Is London "West End Stars Shine Bright"   nominees
2001.11.06    TheatreNow.Com "Evening Standard Drama Awards"   nominations
1999.11.22    Musical Stages Online "Feature: Evening Standard Awards"   several awards are connected to Almeida plays
1998.12.01    This Is London "Backstage at the Awards"   p
1998.11.30    This Is London "Nicole Scoops Special Honor"   m: "Movie Stars Scoop Theatre Prizes"   p & winners

2002.Spring    CurtainUp "London Notes"   Stage's top 20 again, mentions Attenborough
2002.01.03    Guardian Unlimited "Industry Poll Puts Lloyd Webber at Top"   Stage's top 20


Members Of The Force   German tourists visit London, photos, in German
Biblio-file "Welcome to the Biblio-file"   1 book has Almeida mention, 1 book has excerpt by Ian
Johnathan Kent   London's Power People J-K

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