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     Decky Does A Bronco:

Opened:   June 19; (dependent on weather)
Childhood memories on a playground- literally.

-no data yet-

     The Shape Of Things:

Playwright: Neil La Bute
Opened:   May 24; extended beyond initial run
Two modern relationships; how far would you go for love or art?

Whatsonstage.Com "The Shape Of Things"   d

2001.07.27    This Is London "Weisz Goes to Broadway"   p
2001.05.31    BBC News "Pinter Leaves Loud Play"   r, non-Ian p, Ian q
2001.05.31    Whatsonstage.Com "The Shape Of Things"   p
2001.05.31    This Is London "Pain and Pleasure in the Sex War"   r

2001.05.17    This Is London "Mummy's Little Girl Goes Wild"   Weisz writes about rehersal
2001.05.13    Guardian Unlimited "Donny Osmond He Ain't"   about Neil LaBute
2001.04.26    This Is London "Rachel Comes to Small Stage"   Weisz gets the part

Brief Mentionings:
2001.07.27    Guardian Unlimited "Liz and Hugh Back Together on Screen"   will soon transfer to Broadway
2001.03.15    This Is London "Weisz Up a Smart Babe"   mostly about Weisz in "Enemy At The Gates"

     Brummie Comedy Cocktail:

Opened:   00.00.0000; one night only
Local comedian night

Whatsonstage.Com "Brummie Comedy Cocktail"


Opened:   March 19; (previews starting March 8)
Woman uses sex to gain and lose her status before being murdered by Jack the Ripper.

Whatsonstage.Com "Lulu"   d
Whatsonstage.Com "Lulu"   d

2001.03.20    This Is London "What the Papers Say"
2001.03.20    This Is London "Friel Thrills With Femme Fatale"   i, r, p
2001.03.19    Whatsonstage.Com "Lulu"   p
2001.02.28    This Is London "Anna: It Started With A Kiss"   i & p
2001.01.29    This Is London "The Town's Top 50 Hip List"   ranked #43
2001.01.23    This Is London "Friel Plays Every Man's Fantasy"   p (same as above)
2001.01.23    This Is London "Friel Acts Out Fantasy Figure"

2001.05    TheaterPro.Com News "Too Much Sex For One Week?"   reprinted review, c/o TheaterPro.Com
2000-01.Winter    King's Cross London "Lulu Comes to King's Cross"   announcement & refurbishment

Brief Mentionings:
2000.08.10    This Is London "The Woman Who Saved The Old Vic"

     Benefits For The Beast!:

Opened:   00.00.0000; one night only
Charity event is visiting storytelling company

Whatsonstage.Com "Benefits for the Beast!"   d

     The Tempest:

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Opened:   December 7
A Duke and his daughter are shipwrecked, Ariel flies & swims (literally), Prospero gives up magic, all in Shakespeare's final play.

Whatsonstage.Com "The Tempest"   d
Whatsonstage.Com "The Tempest" (ALM00)   d

2001.02.23    This Is London "Go Make Thyself an Amphibian"   p
2001.01.24    Variety "Almeida's Moving Perf"   refurbishment, and current plays include Tempest & Lulu, c/o FindArticles.Com
2001.01.01    Variety "Prospero Finds Peace Amid London Deluge"    r c/o FindArticles.Com
2000.12.19    Whatsonstage.Com "Tempest (Almeida)"   photo of poster (water with rusty car)
2000.12.16    Guardian Unlimited "The Tempest"
2000.12.15    This Is London "Tempest Takes Senses by Storm"   m
2000.12.10    Independent "The Men Behind the Theatre of the Nineties"   mulit-i, r & c, refurbishment, photo absent
2000.12.07    BrodwayOnline.Com "London's Almeida Opens The Tempest, Dec. 14, Then Closes for Refurbishment"   r & c
2000.12.07    Whatsonstage.Com "Tempest Heralds Almeida Closure for Revamp"
2000.12.07    This Is London "Why Anna Won't be Going Nude"   The Tempest, Lulu, refurbishment, i & p of Kent, MUCH more
2000.11.29    This Is London "Almeida Cooks Up a Storm"   The Tempest & refurbishment

2000.12.17    Independent "A Wet and Wonderful Farewell to Magic"   multi-r
2000.12.17    Guardian Unlimited "Sing a Song of Sondhiem"   multi-r
2000.12.10    Guardian Unlimited "You Can Take It With You"   multi-r

Spank The Monkey The Tempest   p reviewed by Claire Allfree reviewed by Mark Shenton
2001.01    TheaterPro.Com Bard on the Boards   reprinted review, c/o TheaterPro.Com

Brief Mentionings:
2001.01.21    Independent "All the Magic's Gone Out of My Marriage"   a different The Tempest compaired to Ian's, Ian mention
2000.12.27    Guardian Unlimited "the long and short of it"   year in review

     Conversations After A Burial:

Opened:   September 12; (previews starting September 7); travelled (partnership with The Arts Council of England)
Nathan reads upon his father's, betrayal, and savage comedy follow.

Whatsonstage.Com "Conversations After A Burial"   d

2000.09.19    Whatsonstage.Com "Conversations After A Burial"

     Mr. Peters' Connections:

Playwright: Arthur Miller
Opened:   00.00.0000
Drifting in semi-consciousness, Mr. Peters', tries to review and find the meaning in his life...tries being the operative word.

2000.07.28    Whatsonstage.Com "Mr. Peters' Connections"

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