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     Stones In His Pockets:

Opened:   00.00.0000
"What's Hot and What's Not"   scroll down, c/o Wayback Machine

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     Richard II + Coriolanus: (double bill)

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Richard II Opened:   April 13; (previews starting March 30)
Richard II is ousted, despite "divine right." Politics, passion, and pain follow.

Whatsonstage.Com "Richard II"

Playwright: William Shakespeare (both)
Coriolanus Opened:   June 14; (previews starting June 1)
Roman soldier, Caius Marcius, is at war with his people and obsessed mother in Shakespeare's last great tragedy.

Whatsonstage.Com "Coriolanus"

2000.07.15    Whatsonstage.Com "Coriolanus"   alone
2000.04.24    Whatsonstage.Com "Richard II"   alone

2001.07    TheaterPro.Com Must See: London   reprinted review, c/o TheaterPro.Com
Mainichi Interactive - Food and Restaurants - Feature of the Week: Richard II + Coriolanus
Spank The Monkey - Shakespeare In Shoreditch: Richard II + Coriolanus

Brief Mentionings:
2000.08.11    Christian Science Monitor "London Theatre: The Bard and Much More"   also mentions "Stones in his Pockets,", c/o Britannica.Com

     The Novice:

Playwright: Jean-Paul Sartre
Opened:   May 10 ; (previews starting May 4)
"Les mains Sales" retitled;

2000.05.15    Whatsonstage.Com "The Novice"

     Snogging Ken:

Opened:   2000.04.18-20, 2000.04.25-28; (7 perfs only)

Brief Mentionings:
2000.04.24    New Statesman
"Three men and a manifesto"   i includes upcoming "Snogging Ken", c/o FindArticles.Com


Playwright: Nicholas Wright
Opened:   April 4; (previews starting March 3)
Trade & exploitation of young boys who play female roles in 17th century theatre; Mr. Shank trains Stephen to out-shine Cressida.

Whatsonstage.Com "Cressida"

2000.04.14    Whatsonstage.Com "Cressida"

     The Room + Celebration: (Pinter Festival)

Playwright: Harold Pinter (both)
Opened:   March 22; (previews starting March 16, during Pinter Festival)

2000.04.03    New Statesman "A Party for Pinter"   r for "The Room" & "Celebration", c/o FindArticles.Com
1999.09.30    Whatsonstage.Com "Pinter Premiere Leads Almeida Plans"   d upcoming plays etc

Brief Mentionings:
1999.11.08    New Statesman "The NS Interview Harold Pinter"   i includes upcoming "The Room" and "Celebration", c/o FindArticles.Com

     Bash: (3 monologues)

Playwright: Neil LaBute
Opened:   00.00.0000
"Medea Redux," "Iphigenia in Orem," and "A Gaggle of Saints" are 3 plays staged as 3 monologues which deal with revenge, death, and secrets, respectively.

2000.02.03    Whatsonstage.Com "Bash"   p

     Our Father:

Opened:   00.00.0000

-no data yet-

     The Jew of Malta:

Playwright: Christopher Marlowe
Opened:   October 15; (previews starting September 28, after traveling and the Maltern Festival)
Rich Jewish merchant, Barabas of Malta, is deprived of his wealth by the Christian rulers in order to pay off their debt to the Turks. He wants revenge, but at what price?

Whatsonstage.Com "The Jew Of Malta"   d
Whatsonstage.Com "The Jew Of Malta"   d

1999.11.08    Variety "The Jew of Malta"    m   r, mirrors c/o
1999.10.18    New Statesman "Atrocity Exhibition"   r, c/o
1999.10.10    Guardian Unlimited "Hey Jude, Don't Let Me Down"   multiple r
1999.10.07    Guardian Unlimited "Evil But No Offense"
1999.10.06    This Is London "Black Barabas Lacking in Danger"   Ian p
1999.10.??    Socialist Review Arts Review: "A Clash Of Two Powers"   multiple c

     The Triumph of Love:

Playwright: Pierre Marivaux
Opened:   September 2; (previews starting August 31; after travelling, Malvern Festival, and earlier previews at Almeida)

1999.08.11    Whatsonstage.Com "Almeida Returns to Malvern Festival Friday"   mentions "The Jew Of Malta" & Malvern Festival
1999.06.04    Whatsonstage.Com "London's Almeida In New Triumph"   mentions "The Jew Of Malta" & Malvern Festival

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