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Last Updated: 03/08/03

Welcome! Yeah I know, it only took me forever to get this thing up. >:-P~ This page will probably be getting tweaked starting now and lasting forever so please mind the mess...and the broken links.

You probably know me from rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc (RASSM) and that's why you're here. Or maybe you know my Pokémon or sigs and you followed them here. Either way, here you are, and here's my various stuff from RASSM. You'll find a lot of my posts, opinions, pix, general weirdness and of course- the good stuff!

-RH 03/11/02


Palpatine = Sidious
Who is Sifo-Dyas?
Ewoks & Gungans
What's a Duck?
Stormtroopers & Doors

Sith Wars (mine)
.Significant Rebellion
Artie the Rainbow Trout
DG & Friends

More Stuff: Going Out:

Sith War 2003 Archives
Sith War 2002 Archives
Fun Links

Shaven Wookie Ltd.

TheForce.Net: Undecided? Then you know where to go instead...
Like it? I made it! With a little help of course...

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