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I have absolutely no control over the contents of any of these sites listed. This page is intended as a quick-reference guide for people interested in Ian McDiarmid, his works, the Almeida Theatre, and the plays it produces.

All pages that are mine are clearly labeled.

RE: The Sidious-Palpatine Estrogen Brigade:

I do not own or maintain this particular site. The pages of the Sidious-Palpatine Estrogen Brigade that contain objectionable material are not linked here.

None of said material involves the actor, Ian McDiarmid, himself, nor is it intended to be degratory towards his person or to Lucasfilm (as far as I know cuz I personally don't read the stuff).


No images are used here for commercial, degratory, or defaming reasons.

All images are copyrighted and accredited to the first site from which they were taken or to the person who scanned & contributed the image. If you see an uncredited image and you know its origin please don't hesitate to email me about it!

If you are the photographer of or the webmaster of the origin site of a photo you wish to be removed, please email me and I will take it down immediately. All emails are confirmed first.

If you would like to contribute a new image or you have seen one not listed here please email me!

Misc. Disclaimers:

I do not represent Ian McDiarmid, the Almeida Theatre, Lucasfilm or anyone else, nor am I affiliated with them. This page is intended as a public service, in providing links to other sites free of charge or obligation. No copyright infringments are intended; email me if there's a problem.

This site is intended to be a 'masterlist' of sorts, so please understand I'm not trying to 'out do' anyone's links pages. Not everyone links to everything. ...well, except maybe me ;-)

All sites linked here are read and reviewed by the Webmaster (that's me) before they are listed. I also go thru the search engines on occaision to look for additional sites or updates.

Some links here are to direct search engine results and may be outdated. If such a link does not work, go to that search engine's main page and plug in "ian mcdiarmid" (no caps; with quotes) into the search engine. Please report any broken links as it will benefit everyone.

I make NO any money off of this site or any of its contents. (so please don't sue me- I've got no money!)

...also not resposible for spare change, drool in the keyboard (you know who you are), hash marks, unfolded laundry, or the loose iguana.


since: 05/29/01

Image Credits:

Background image is from: allclipartsite.com
All MacDiarmid Tartan images are from: Register Of All Publically Known Tartans: MacDiarmid Tartans (4)
All site banners for *this* site were created by me.
Ian Pic used in my site banners came from the Grey-Haired Estrogen Brigade and the one for the Almeida Theatre came from Kings' Cross London.
The Site Award and all Wallpapers on this site were compiled by me, and the credits are listed on those pages.


The following sites and individuals have been of help in finding links, images, and other things. Thanks y'all!

The AAI folks: DE, Ellie, Fuzzy Martian, Tina, Yitshack the Elf.
Ide Cyan at SPEB.


since: 05/28/03

The concept, layout, and materials on this site are copyright Rainbow Heron. If there's something on here that isn't mine, it's either credited on this page somewhere, at the site of such content, or is alluded to by the presence of the sources page.

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