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d = description
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     Faith Healer:

2001.12.04    Theatremail.Com "Faith Healer"   p
2001.11.30    Guardian Unlimited "Faith Healer"
2001.11.30    Daily Telegraph "Miracle of Modern Storytelling"   Ian p
2001.11.29    This Is London "Faith Healer by Brian Friel"   d
2001.11.29    This Is London "Faith Falters on Edge of Darkness"   m
2001.11.29    Whatsonstage.Com "Faith Healer"
2001.11.29    Independent "Faith Healer, Almeida Theatre, London: Spellbinding Solo Turns Add Up to More Than the Sum of their Parts"
2001.11.28    Independent "Art of the Monologue: Prisoners of Consciousness"
Whatsonstage.Com "Faith Healer"   d
Albemarle of London: Faith Healer   stats
CurtainUp   r & c non-Ian p

2001.03.07?    This Is London "Going Out - Tonight"   mentions Faith Healer, strange date

     Brummie Comedy Cocktail:

Whatsonstage.Com "Brummie Comedy Cocktail"

     Benefits For The Beast!:

Whatsonstage.Com "Benefits for the Beast!"   d

     The Tempest:

2001.02.23    This Is London "Go Make Thyself an Amphibian"   p
2001.01.24    Variety "Almeida's Moving Perf"   refurbishment, and current plays include Tempest & Lulu, c/o FindArticles.Com
2001.01.01    Variety "Prospero Finds Peace Amid London Deluge"    r c/o FindArticles.Com
2000.12.19    Whatsonstage.Com "Tempest (Almeida)"   photo of poster (water with rusty car)
2000.12.16    Guardian Unlimited "The Tempest"
2000.12.15    This Is London "Tempest Takes Senses by Storm"   m
2000.12.10    Independent "The Men Behind the Theatre of the Nineties"   mulit-i, r & c, refurbishment, photo absent
2000.12.07    BrodwayOnline.Com "London's Almeida Opens The Tempest, Dec. 14, Then Closes for Refurbishment"   r & c
2000.12.07    Whatsonstage.Com "Tempest Heralds Almeida Closure for Revamp"
2000.12.07    This Is London "Why Anna Won't be Going Nude"   The Tempest, Lulu, refurbishment, i & p of Kent, MUCH more
2000.11.29    This Is London "Almeida Cooks Up a Storm"   The Tempest & refurbishment

2000.12.17    Independent "A Wet and Wonderful Farewell to Magic"   multi-r
2000.12.17    Guardian Unlimited "Sing a Song of Sondhiem"   multi-r
2000.12.10    Guardian Unlimited "You Can Take It With You"   multi-r

Spank The Monkey The Tempest   p
BBC.co.uk reviewed by Claire Allfree
BBC.co.uk reviewed by Mark Shenton
2001.01    TheaterPro.Com Bard on the Boards   reprinted review, c/o TheaterPro.Com

2001.01.21    Independent "All the Magic's Gone Out of My Marriage"   a different The Tempest compaired to Ian's, Ian mention
2000.12.27    Guardian Unlimited "the long and short of it"   year in review
Whatsonstage.Com "The Tempest"   d
Whatsonstage.Com "The Tempest" (ALM00)   d

     The Jew of Malta:

1999.11.08    Variety "The Jew of Malta"    m   r, mirrors c/o FindArticles.com
1999.10.18    New Statesman "Atrocity Exhibition"   r, c/o FindArticles.com
1999.10.10    Guardian Unlimited "Hey Jude, Don't Let Me Down"   multiple r
1999.10.07    Guardian Unlimited "Evil But No Offense"
1999.10.06    This Is London "Black Barabas Lacking in Danger"   Ian p
1999.10.??    Socialist Review Arts Review: "A Clash Of Two Powers"   multiple c

Whatsonstage.Com "The Jew Of Malta"   d
Whatsonstage.Com "The Jew Of Malta"   d

     The Doctor's Dilemma:

1998.08.24    This Is London "Just What The Doctor Ordered"   r & c
1998.06.24    International Herald Tribune "Shaw's Life-or-Death 'Dilemma'"   r & c

Whatsonstage.Com "The Doctor's Dilemma"
Whatsonstage.Com "The Doctor's Dilemma"

     The Government Inspector:

1998.01.05    Variety "London Decks Halls With Bows Aplenty"   r, c/o FindArticles.Com
1997.12.18    This Is London "Farcical Helter-Skelter Sparkles in the Heart of Scotland"   r & c

Whatsonstage.Com "The Government Inspector"

     Misc. Ian Plays:

2001.05.03    Independent "The Swing at Night | Barge Puppet Theatre, London"   r, non-Almeida play
2001.04.29    Independent "Presence | Royal Court Upstairs, London Richard III | Young Vic, London The Swing at Night | Barge Theatre, London"   multi-r, non-Almeida play

1999    Scenes From An Execution   from the Wrestling School website, non-Ian p, Ian's production?
1997.11.28    TheatreNet "Backstage Whispers Overheard by Richard Andrews"   musings include "Naked" & "The Government Inspector"
1996.??.??    Reuters/Variety Rasputin   movie plot, cast listing
1994    Hated Nightfall   from the Wrestling School website p
1990.??.??    Wedge Worship "Volpone"   p & r, site posted 1 year after performance

     Cast Lists & Etc.:

Don Juan (1988)   cast list, Ian directed
Debbie's Gary Oldman Page of Links and Resources   cast list, scroll down to: "The War Plays Trilogy (1985)" & "The Country Wife (1986)"
Days Of The Commune (1977)   cast list

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