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yy.mm.dd = European date (ascending chronologically)
c = commentary
d = description
m = mirror
p = photos
q = quote
r = review

     Radio Roles:

2000.07    Contemrary Review "New and Noteworthy"   brief mention, c/o FindArticles.Com
2000.02.12    Independent "Spoken Word"   r
????.07.06 The Wire Communications Matters for the Church Twenty Minutes: the Voice of the Archangel   brief mention of Ian reading excerpts on BBC Radio 3
"The Picture of Dorian Gray"   BBC Tape, available for ordering
General Star Wars Related News - January 2000   announcement for Ian reading "33 Moments of Happiness", scroll down

     Television Series' Roles:

1995.10.28    Potter Series #15 of 16 "Love Has No Laws"   bb post mentioning of article r of a play directed by Ian, actual r not included

Inspector Morse: Episode Guide   scroll down: 4th Series 1990: 15. "Masonic Mysteries", c/o Wayback Machine
Inspector Morse: Murder In The Masonic Mysteries   p
The Professionals: Episode Guide   r, c, d
The Professionals: The Madness of Mickey Hamilton

The Likely Lads Cast - The Film   obscure tv film

PBS.Org Archives: Selected Exits   1993.10.03 tv version; Ian was also in the stage version

Mystery! (PBS series):
    "An Unsuitable Job For A Woman: Sacrifice":
MYSTERY!: An Unsuitable Job for a Woman: Sacrifice   official site, d
1998.04.20    The Wall Street Journal "TV: Whodunit at PBS"   d & r
    "Touching Evil":
"Touching Evil" Full Program Description   official site- description

     Movie Roles:

Crime and Punishment (tv movie: BBC 2002):
2002.02.11    Guardian Unlimited "Criminal Class"   d, r & c
BBC Drama: Crime and Punishment,   "Cast: Ian McDiarmid"   d, 4 Ian p total

All The King's Men (tv movie: BBC 1999, PBS air date: 2000.02.20):
2000.02.14    Variety "WWI Mystery Masterfully Told"    r c/o FindArticles.Com respectively
1999.11.22    New Statesman "War Damage"   r c/o FindArticles.com
PBS.Org Archives: Archival listing,    About the Film,    Cast & Crew

Sleepy Hollow (1999):
2000.04    Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction "Outsiders: Looking In, and Peering Out"   r c/o FindArticles.Com
1999.11.18    PR Newswire "'Sleepy Hollow' Slated for Nationwide Release on November 19"   announcement, c/o FindArticles.Com
1999.11.17    PR Newswire "Attendee Update for the World Premiere of Paramount Pictures' 'Sleepy Hollow'"   update for below, c/o FindArticles.Com
1999.11.16    PR Newswire "World Premiere of Paramount's 'Sleepy Hollow'"      brief d and guest list for the premiere, c/o FindArticles.Com
1999.10.29    Business Wire ""Sleepy Hollow" Gallops Into New Millennium; Most Ambitious Online Launch of Motion Picture to Date"   announcement, c/o FindArticles.Com
Stairwell.Com "The Cutting Edge"   r
Corona.bc.ca Sleepy Hollow   listing

Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (1999):
What's Right Abot The Film

Great Expectations (tv movie, BBC 1999, PBS air date: 1999.05.09):
Great Expectations BBC: Mr. Jaggers   character d & p, audio
Ioan in Great Expectations   mainly about Ioan Gruffudd's character, p includes Ian
PBS.Org Archives: Mobil Masterpiece Theatre: Great Expectations

Rebecca (tv movie, BBC 1997, PBS air date: 1997.04.13)
DuMaurier.Org Carlton's TV Adaptation of Rebecca
PBS.Org Archive: Archival listing,    Full Program Description,    Rebecca Cast & Crew

Restoration (1995):
Reeltime.cln.com Restoration   d
FilmUP - Scheda: Restoration - Il peccato e il castigo   Italian site, d

Gorky Park (1983):
Prisma-online.de Gorky Park   German site, d
Movies Of The 80s, Gorky Park   viewer r's

Star Wars: Episode 6: Return Of The Jedi (1983):
The Cranky Critic   d

The Awakening (1980):
The Awakening   d & c
Movies2Go.Net The Awakening   listing

     Palpatine & Sidious Pages:

Star Wars.Com: Senator/Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine
Star Wars.Com: Darth Sidious

Sidious-Palpatine Estrogen Brigade   main page
Palpy 4 Pres
Essence of Darkness - The Palpatine/Sidious Shrine   sounds & photos
The Emperor: Villainy At Its Best
ImpSlave- My Shrine to Senator/Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine   sounds & photos
Rudi's Star Wars Site Palpatine Section   p in Ian section
Servants of the Empire
StarWarsNet: Palpatine   bio

Is He Or Isn't He: The Sidious / Palpatine Connection   essay
Whill Journal editorial   essay & speculation
The Phantom Menace Thoughts   essay & speculation
Star Wars: What I Think Is going to happen   essay & speculation
Episode 1 FAQ
Looking Inside the Sauron Project   essay discusses several villians and actors
"A Walk on the Dark Side"   Palpatine is evil...duh

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