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Last Updated: 01/30/03


Name: Seanpuff     Type: Jigglypuff

Voice: natural & Sean Connery

Rank/Job: espionage partner; ship's navigator

Seat: shares the 'shotgun' seat with Hamillpuff and PeterPika

Appearence: wears hat and glasses similar to Dr. Henry Jones Sr. When doing espionage, he takes them off. He is bald.

Personality: loves to gather information and spy on people. Gets irritated when the others get noisy.

Strengths: espionage!, computers, being suave, getting everyone's attention/getting people to listen to him, negotiating, has seen the most movies of any of us.

Weaknesses: Wiggly-tough (he has a major crush on her), can't seem to reach young people.

Often... pretends to be asleep so he can eavesdrop, can slip away and go do something else while they're occupied and slip back in again as if he's never left, because he's my second oldest Pokémon he is somtimes considered "uncool" by my younger ones (especially Ewanpuff).

Other: "The name is Puff. Jiggly Puff." We think he's secretly in love with Wiggly-tough.

The Backstory: At age 5, I hid him and his family from Pokémon smugglers and helped raise them, as their mother was mute. After a year, they had evolved from Igglybuffs into Jigglypuffs and the smugglers began to catch on to us.
I let them go, and a few weeks later, I was given my first field assignment by the Pokémon smugglers who raised me. Being only 6 now, I was nearly swept up in this huge bar brawl (my first of countless ones) until everyone fell asleep. I woke up first and saw this Jigglypuff.
This particular Jigglypuff had been elected by his family to look after me since I had looked after them. We decided to stick it out together from then on, and he even let me capture him. I defeated him by using a karaoke machine.

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