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Hot ROddish

Last Updated: 01/30/03

Hot ROddish

Name: Hot ROddish     Type: Oddish

Voice: natural

Rank/Job: mechanic; keeps the ship in good order; sometime pilot; one of our chefs

Seat: usually in Pokéball, either that or he's anywhere he wants. Sometimes will move between the trap door from the front seat to the trunk.

Appearence: has a hot rod tail amoungst his leaves, his leaves are longer than most Oddishes'.

Strengths: driving (he's the only of my Pokémon who knows how), really really good technician/mechanic and does tech support, can fix almost anything, best combat pilot I've seen since forever, has the worst track record than any of us (he's run over more people, gotten more speeding tickets, broken more traffic laws, and wreacked more vehicles than we can count).

Weaknesses: driving (he always wants to drive but he always drives erratically), mechanics magazines (you should see his room!), crybaby especially when he gets into trouble, very dependent on me (I'm his "Mommy"), drives like he thinks its all one big video game (the kind where you have to drive the fastest and hit the most stuff in the least amount of time).

Personality: pleasant and childlike when it comes to going places. Wants to be of help, but also wants to drive. Cries sometimes and when he does, he BAWLS! (poor guy) He also LOVES to drive speeders...R-E-A-L-L-Y FAST!

Often... may take the Jump-DMC for a spin without permission. Likes to fix things, and if it ain't broken- he'll either fix it until it is or he'll break it himself just so he can fix it.

Other: has regular Oddish voice but can sometimes speak human languages but *VERY* RARELY! The only time he doesn't drive erratically is when it's life-and-death (for us or someone on board) important to keep the driving sane and steady. He chills with PeterPika and the Headless Horseman back at home. Whenever he's driving, it is impossible to catch or hit. Although he often wrecks vehicles, they're never beyond repair cuz he can fix 'em (that *might* be one reason why he drives the way he does). However he's never put more than a few miniscule dents in the Jump-DMC (partly due to extremely dense hull).

The Backstory: We rescued him & Ewanpuff from an abusive lounge singer/trainer after he was sentenced to serve jailtime. PeterPika had to beat the lounge singer and Hot ROddish in a Pokémon battle in order to earn Ewanpuff his freedom. The abuser fled with Hot ROddish as the cops walked in, but was eventually caught and sentenced to jail. Hot ROddish would've gone to a friendless rehab center if we hadn't taken him in.

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