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Last Updated: 01/30/03


Name: Ianpuff     Type: Jigglypuff

Voice: natural & Ian McDiarmid

Rank/Job: businessman/accountant; handles all of our business matters

Seat: rear driver's side, has a multi-purpose datapad (more like a laptop computer)

Appearence: long wavy blonde hair, "receding" hairline. Half-glasses when reading.

Personality: practical, but likes to have fun. One of our 2 "voices of reason." Gets irritated when the others get noisy.

Strengths: business, organising, reading, keeping your attention once he has it, using his voice (has the best speaking voice of the bunch), acting/orating, really great power of persuasion (he could talk you into buying air), has read the most books of any of us.

Weaknesses: has a little trouble reaching young people upon first impression (but gets better after that), he *claims* he's the worst singer of the bunch (he's wrong), has the greatest confidence and the lowest self-esteem for some strange reason.

Often... will sometimes sneak up on me and do the Emperor's voice when he knows I'm jumpy.

Other: doesn't sing often, but likes to act. Great reader, if he's not doing business stuff on the computer, he's reading something.

The Backstory: Captured (along with Hamillpuff) in the wild, in betweeen taking odd jobs after piloting for space smugglers fell through.

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