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A D.J. eh? Do You Do Parties Too?

All of my life, I had had this weird feeling that there was more to me and my life than what I had been brought up to. I knew I was not a smuggler and that I was an orphan not native to the PokéPlanet (and yet I had a strong and definite connection with all of them). I also knew that my life was training me for something, something I had to do. I also felt that I had a power few knew of and even fewer felt.

I finally got the chance to find a few of the missing pieces when after a concert one night, I was approached by a pair of seedy-looking spacers who wore flightsuits with the initials "D.J." on them. I thought they either wanted me for some smuggling job or were the DJ's who were supposed to be playing the nearby club. Rather than talk, they pulled out a holorecorder, which played a conversation between one of their kind and one of the smuggler leaders who first took care of me. It was recorded when I was about 4 and they were discussing my future.

I didn't understand half of the stuff they were alluding to, but it was evident that my parents were members of the same team as these DJ guys and they had hidden me amoungst the Pokémon smugglers. They had come to claim me, the smugglers (true to form) had already discovered that I had the talent to be a great Pokémon Master and thus hid me, from my parents, near the forests surrounding Mt. Moon.

I as shocked of course, but what shocked me more was that these two DJ's offered to take me to their headquarters so I could learn more about my parents. They didn't know if they were dead or just missing, plus, it was apparently my destiny to join up with them. This last bit I wasn't so sure about, but I was anxious to learn more about my parents so I gathered the Pokémon and left with them in their modified Delorean. At headquarters, they allowed me to rest and have a look around the place. They explained to me in full what a DJ, Dimension Jumper, is and does and basically told me that I was to join up or else I'd never learn about my parents. I thought it was a dirty deal but joined anyway. I got my own modified Delorean (which I continue to modify), a serial number, and several other stuff. My first mission, my only one with a fellow DJ to guide me, was to jump into the Dimension that is home to Faraway Galaxy.

Upon entering Faraway Galaxy, that extra sense I had felt all of my life suddenly grew stronger. We headed for a planet called Coruscant where we were to meet the Jedi Council. Once there, the Council told me that my parents were Jedi Knights who had worked as Dimension Jumpers, and were the liasons between the Faraway Galaxy Dimension and the PokéSpace Dimension. Why they had hidden me amoungst strangers, they wouldn't tell me, but they did offer to train me as a member of the Jedi Order. I would be allowed to continue training my Pokémon and go on missions for the Dimension Jumpers as well.

It all sounded like a sound deal, but I HATED the way the Jedi Council expected everyone to conform to their rigid and sometimes ridiculous rules and demands. For these reasons and more, I declined to join the Jedi Knights, but to this day they still ask me if I want to join, especially since I am, as the daughter of Jedi Knights, attuned to the Force. I didn't have a choice about being a Dimension Jumper however. Once you're in, you're in and I'd sort of been tricked into doing it (well, every member is sort of tricked into doing it).

...and that's how our lives changed completely. I was only 12 at the time.

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