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Name: Jedichu     Type: Pikachu

Voice: natural & James Mason

Rank/Job: my UNofficial Jedi Master, PokéJedi Master and a member of a secret order of Pokémon who can use the Force. Also the UNofficial Pokémon babysitter while out on missions.

Seat: rear passenger side seat all to himself. Has to scoot over into Ianpuff's seat if there's company (unless Ianpuff's in a Pokéball).

Appearence: has a brown triagluar shape on forehead. Wears one simple tan/sandy Jedi Robe.

Strengths: using the Force (for everything), keeping a level head (he's the best of us), bravest and most courageous, self-sacrificing, best tactician for large-scale battles, he's got more sense than the rest of us.

Weaknesses: Star Wars action figures (he'll claim your collection if you let him), learning how to play with the younger and the more rambunctious (he'll play action figures with them but even then he likes to be careful with the figures).

Personality: sage but still youthful. He's our main "voice of reason." He sighs a lot (and takes an asprin) whenever the others get noisy. Idolizes Qui-Gon Jinn and is alot like him.

Often... will meditate often, but will also be in the real world along with everyone else. Always is attuned to the Force/PokéForce in one way or another.

Other: sounds like James Mason (altho he didn't get the voice the same way the others did). He's the eldest our group, being somewhere in his thirties. If I'm ever kidnapped or forced to go by myself, he's usually the "one and only one" other who can go with me.

The Backstory: After spending time in the Matrix, and returning to do lightsaber training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, I was sent to go pick up someone who was stranded on Tatooine. I made the mistake of looking obvious by letting my Pokémon out, parking the Jump-DMC on a dune, and wearing a lightsaber but not Jedi robes. I was approached by 2 guys in black who asked about my Pokémon, which was odd since no one in Faraway Galaxy knew about Pokémon. But I was greatful to have someone with similar interestes after being completely surrounded by Jedi recently so I took them out towards my ship.
All of a sudden, the one with the scary tattoos attacked me with a double-bladed lightsaber and we dueled. My Matrix moves weren't helping me and I was still too novie with the blade. Just as I was about to be sliced in half, out of nowhere comes this Pikachu who uses the Force to give my attackers the biggest Thundershock I'd ever seen. It told me in a very James Mason voice that it was the one I was supposed to pick up. The 2 guys started to recover, and in order to safely take the Jedi Pikachu back to Coruscant, I had to officially capture it.
Back on Coruscant, I lost it with the Jedi Council and just as I was about to leave, they told me about the secret PokéJedi and their Council. I took the Jedi Pikachu to see them and after telling them of our attackers, I was elected to take this same Pikachu back to PokéPlanet so it could warn the other PokéJedi there.
Because it's not right to keep Jedi Masters in Pokéballs, I officially released him; and because I was still in need of lightsaber training, we came to an arrangement where I became its UNofficial Padawan and UNofficial Pokémon Master
After helping him carry out his mission, and holding a concert tour to do so, we nicknamed him Jedichu and he's been with us ever since.

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