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Voicing Opinions on Frogs

You know the myth about frogs getting into people's throats so that you can't speak? No myth. Ever wonder what the frog does with your voice once they've incapacitated it? We found out the hard way.

The frog in question is the prized pet of a dead witch; it still hangs around her lair and still practices their craft of cloning voices. It does this (á la The Little Mermaid) for evil voice-overs. Y'know, throwing your voice into places and saying things you'd never say, and people remember it as you saying it (like mumbling when you're drunk or you promising something right before a fight)? That's it. Pesky little *&#@$&... Anyway, they target every single person in the world, and it just so happened I was next on the list when we arrived in that particular Dimension (I was only 12 and it was one of my first missions). The Frog must've had a bad day cuz it really botched it up.

The Jigglypuffs and I were in the middle of our regular rehersals (mission or no mission: we rehearse) and I was going over soprano parts with them, when out of nowhere jumps the frog and down my throat he goes. The frog made the fatal error of attacking when its intended victim is able to fight back, and boy did we fight back! All of the Pokémon and I struggled long and hard, but since the Jigglypuffs had been rehershing for a while, their singing voices were strained and ineffective in delivering a Sleep attack. The frog managed to escape...not with a clone of my singing voice, but a chunk of the actual thing! I couldn't sing anymore! I vowed revenge. We trailed him back to the lair and waited for the right opportunity.

When we counter-attacked, there was a HUGE scuffle! Wiggly-tough fought as best she could, but for once she was knocked out in the first round and never had a chance. The frog kicked her into the Jigglypuffs, and collectively they were thrown across the room and into a large bookcase filled with glass vials -imagine several bowling balls hitting 10 times as many more bowling pins at the same time- which contained various potions and several cloned voices. When they broke, they mixed and were absorbed by the injured Pokémon. As a result, each of them permenantly inherited the cloned voices that they absorbed.

They also each received a their own unique name based on who's voice they got. Coincidentally :-) they're all celebrity voices: Seanpuff got Sean Connery's voice, Ianpuff got Ian McDiarmid's voice, Hamillpuff got Mark Hamill's voice, and Ewanpuff got Ewan McGregor's voice. Wiggly-tough didn't get a new name because we don't know which voice she got; she's never used it. Thankfully, the Jigglypuffs and Wiggly-tough can switch from their regular Pokémon voices to their new human ones at will. They can even sing using these voices if they wish, but only Ewanpuff has ever tried it.

Neither Hot ROddish nor PeterPika were affected by this (becuase they weren't thrown into the stuff) and were able to help me effectively fininsh the fight while the others were down and out. The Frog got away with my singing voice, unfortunately, but I will get it back one of these days!!

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