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Last Updated: 01/30/03


Name: Hamillpuff     Type: Jigglypuff

Voice: natural & Mark Hamill

Rank/Job: vocal impressionist; in charge of the music radio & communications when I let him

Seat: shares 'shotgun' seat with Seanpuff and PeterPika

Appearence: boyish dark dirty blonde hair combed to one side

Personality: quirky, sometimes seems maniacal. Likes to cheer people up when they're feeling badly.

Strengths: playing practical jokes, getting into trouble, imitatimg other people, knows how best to use and abuse comlink channels and over various ways of communication, has heard more music than any of us.

Weaknesses: knowing when to be serious, being responsible, keeping the dial tuned to one station or the tv to one channel, he knows how to reach young people but doesn't know how to be a grown-up about it.

Often... plays pranks on people while they're asleep or out of the room.

Other: can do Mark Hamill's voice impressions and can also make up his own. Ewanpuff's best friend.

The Backstory: Captured (along with Ianpuff) in the wild, in betweeen taking odd jobs after piloting for space smugglers fell through.

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