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Smugglers, Singing, and My First Bar Brawl

For the longest time, I did not know who my parents were or where I belonged. I grew up on PokéPlanet and was raised by Pokémon smugglers, passed around from troupe to troupe. Some even had ties to Team Rocket and I met Giovanni a few times as a little girl. I learned all about various Pokémon and the seedy end of "trading" and business at an extremely early age. None of the smugglers really parented me, but since I was a help to their cover, I stayed with them but was left to fend for myself a good deal of the time. I either spent my time with the captive Pokémon (the "goods") or hiding behind doors at smuggler's meetings. While I learned how the business was done, I knew it was wrong and thus wasn't corrupted by it.

When I was 5 years old, I was with this one group that operated out of the woods near Mt. Moon. One day this Jigglypuff wandered into the camp, and rather than let the smugglers have it, I hid it. This Jigglypuff actually had 2 major problems: 1) it was mute and 2) it was trying to get home to its baby Igglybuffs. Because it was mute and because Pokémon don't speak human by nature, I found it very odd that I could understand what it was trying to tell me thru its feelings (I later learned that this was a Force trait). So I let it go back in the woods when no one was looking.

One day, while taking a walk in these same woods, I saw the Mother Jigglypuff and her babies being attacked. I used some sort of Force blast to help save them. That plus the fact I let the Mommy Jigglypuff go, made us all friends and I offered to let them stay with me in secret, which they did. During this time, I helped the Mommy Jigglypuff teach her young Igglybuffs to sing, since she being mute couldn't possibly do it all by herself. Besides, Igglybuffs need encouragement. I slept very well and they all evolved into Jigglypuffs quickly (they were a pretty strong batch to begin with).

Within a year, the younger ones were old enough to live on their own, and since people were beginning to catch on to us, I let them all go again. About a week after their departure, the smugglers discovered that I could actually be useful doing odd jobs, so they sent me to the inner city. While eating dinner and working on one of my laptops (I'm also a natural on the computer) in an underground bar, there was a huge fight (the first of my countless bar brawls). Being so small I was almost swept up in it, until all of a sudden we all fell asleep. I was the first to wake up, and when I did, I saw that one of the Jigglypuffs that I helped to raise (the eldest) had come to my rescue. It told me in Jigglypuffese that he had been elected to look out for me since I had helped them when they needed it most.

We decided to be best buds and the Jigglypuff even let me officially catch it (I used a Karaoke machine to defeat it). This was the Jigglypuff who would later become Seanpuff.

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