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Lounging Around?

About a month after we first started doing shows, we wound up in yet another bar and in yet another major bar brawl. In the fray, we managed to hide inside the bar's local lounge singer's dressing room. He too had a Jigglypuff, [Ewanpuff], and he obviously abused it. We quickly called him on it and he became irate, accusing us of trying to upstage him by having Pokémon sing instead of him.

We threatened to take his Jigglypuff to a Pokémon Center at great risk to us (for we were still on the run). Instead, he opted for a Pokémon battle for his Jigglypuff's freedom. PeterPika won against the singer's Oddish, who was also abused. Just as we won, the cops came to deal with the brawl and the singer bolted with his defeated Oddish. I grabbed [Ewanpuff] and we ran for our lives.

We disguised ourselves so we could take the Jigglypuff to the Pokémon Center, where after about a week, he was healthy again and officially ours! I think that this Jigglypuff developed a sort of crush on me and that's the real reason why he razzes me. He also had a great affinity to entertain, and thus joined [Seanpuff] and [Hamillpuff] to form The Jigglypuff Singers.

From [Ewanpuff]'s descriptions to Officer Jenny, the lounge singer was arrested and charged with abuse and negligence to Pokémon. He was convicted and jailed, thus rendering his Oddish homeless and Masterless since abusive Masters have to give up their Pokémon. Rather than send Oddish to a friendless rehabilitation Pokémon Center, we decided that Oddish stay should with us especially since [Ewanpuff] already was.

The Oddish quickly recovered but doesn't like to battle much (which is why it hasn't really advanced or evolved) and is weary of strangers. He can still cry like a baby, and he also has a bad habit of "borrowing" vehicles and taking them on speedy joyrides. This is what quickly earned him the name of Hot ROddish.

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