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10/26/03 Been redoing the layout and condensing pages, got inspired by the new Sith War!
01/30/03 Part 2 Sith War 2003 has begun!
01/30/03 Happy New Year! There's a new Sith War and a new url cuz my server decided it wanted to be home-grown. Also decided that the css was too wacky so I changed that too. Please let me know if it's not coming out right on your end- it should look exactly the same way as it did last time. Thanks!
10/27/02 As a 4-hours-early birthday present I'm giving you: the long-awaited and much-delayed even tho it's been in the can for months: A PICTURE OF ALICE! Two actually as one is an animated gif! GO check the picture page!
07/24-25/02 Been doing some site maintenence: fixed some css/table bugs, fixed the page footers, made the "<<<- Back" point to the main page, and added the link to Sith War 2002 Archives cuz with me being the archivist, it'd be a bit redundant to put up a similar page for my characters like I did for the other two wars especially since Sith War 2002 is bigger and longer than the others so far. These changes are too small to warrant changing the 'last updated' sections on each and every page.
05/04/02 Another Sith War 9...or rather 9.5 story.
04/28/02 .Significant Rebellion is up...HELP US!!!!
04/26/02 Updated Sith War 9.
04/23/02 Updated Sith War 9 stuff including one that never showed up on Google. :-P Well, most of the other stuff never showed up on Agent so there. :-P :-P
04/09/02 Updated Sith War 9 stuff.
04/06/02 Added the 3 purple snow gag shots to the pictures page!
03/12/02 Put the Flag banner in all the footers, centered the Pikachu gif on all the pages, and made minor updates to almost every page! You could call this v2.5 or at least v2.25 or somthing like that
03/11/02 How you ya like the banner?!?! Yes I know there's a phantom "s" in there... Uplated the Sith War 9 stories page and fixed a few formatting and spelling errors and also made a few minor elaborations in the Pokémon profiles pages.
02/19/02 Transcribed and uploaded "[Sith War 9] Up and Arms" because it never showed up on Yahoo. >:-P~ I'll be moving those personaliy tests somewhere else as I'm scared they're gonna take over.
02/16/02 Added more of those personality tests under the Fun Links. They're so damn corny and stupid that you can't help but be a little curious. I put up my answers for them up too.
02/13/02 Added more Fun Links- I'll fix the blue boxes back to Forward and Backward soon.
02/07/02 Updated the Sith War 9 stories- it *finally* decided to show up on Google. :-P (but then again, I haven't looked for a coupla days)
02/04/02 Updated the Sith War 9 stories. Added 3 pix to the Pictures page! First 3 ever!
02/03/02 Finished Pokémon Attacks and divided it so it wouldn't screw up the page layout. Also added more Fun Links.
02/02/02 part 3 Started Pokémon Attacks page and added more Fun Links!
02/02/02 part 2 Revised character bios. Fixed links to the Fun Links page. Added Pokémon Attacks page but incomplete- will put up the rest later.
02/02/02 part 1 Finally updates the Sith War 9 stories that pertain to us. I'll be putting up the revised character bios soon.
01/31/02-02/01/02 I've added a page for some fun links! Some are related, some are not but are still fun!
01/11/02 The entire SWC site is now in version 2.0! Only thing now is I have to make darn sure that I'm careful when I use tables cuz they're all set to be very wide. You'll find very few changes other than the layout; I will be putting up a couple of more pictures tonight. I'll be working on the My various RASSM Stuff site more soon. I've made the layouts the same for the two sites because they're supposed to be parent/sibling/whatever sites. Well, more later! :-)
01/10/02 Happy New Year! In honor of the new year and the new Sith War, we're getting a new layout! Actually it's been in the works for a while, but now seemed like a good time. Hope you like it! Please email me if there are any questions, comments, suggestions, or problems. Thanks!

Hey! guess what? I really *am* Alice!


You're just a girl; you tend to get frustrated easily, you daydream quite a bit, and you try to avoid making trouble, though curiosity always gets the better of you. Even under tight circumstances, however, you put aside (some of) your fear and figure out what's the best thing to do. You want a better understanding of your world.

Thanks to the Tyr-Na-Nog blog for the link!

11/29/01 Put up link for "Piggly Wiggly & Jiggly..." in Other Stories.
11/27/01 Updated Sith War Stories and added first thread snippet "Can Do Bon" under new header.
11/03/01 Updated Sith War Stories.
11/02/01 Updated Sith War Stories, but forgot to post about it. :-)
10/31/01 Updated Sith War Stories. Fixed the links on the bottom of the Pokémon profiles pages. Site first announced on RASSM.
10/29/01 Reformatted Sith War Bio v1.0 to match rest of site.
10/28/01 Updated Sith War Links. It's spelled "Lewis Carroll"
10/26/01 Added more Sith War Links.
10/25/01 Continued to move some stuff around and to add History pages. Updated main page and added this Update popup! Also other minor updates.
10/24/01 Started adding backstories to site and to Pokémon profiles; moved the profiles into their own new folder. Started uploading History pages, got a counter, guesbook, fast url.
10/22/01 LOTS!!! Finally uploaded pictures, changed look to reflect other Star Wars & RASSM pages, added many more pages, added css, and moved some stuff around.
10/08/01 First uploaded site as one page with Sith War bio. Started breaking down into seperate pages for the Pokémon.

Any comments or questions? Please Email! Thanks!

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