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Hot ROddish

Last Updated: 01/30/03

Because I expect so much more from my Pokémon than most trainers, and because they themselves just wouldn't have it any other way, I have trained my Pokémon in additional and more advanced skills than what is usually expected or required. Most are strong enough to evolve, but because that woud change their personalities (and thus their identities), all but one have decided to remain just as they have always been.
These are their "official" skills and attacks so far:

Pokémon: Seanpuff, Ianpuff, Hamillpuff, Ewanpuff
Cannon Jigglypuff attacks: sing, pound, disable, defense curl, doubleslap, rest, body slam, double edge

Sing: sings an opponent(s) to nap for a few minutes
Lullaby: sings opponent(s) to sleep several hours
Super Sleep: sings opponent(s) into a coma (most powerful sing attack)
Harmonics: hides and then sings a song that has a harmonic effect which causes confusion in the opponent
Disable: song has a calming and hypnotic effect to where they just sit there and stare
Pound: pounds an opponent up
Double Slap: slaps opponent with both hands repeatedly
Body Slam: slams its body on opponent really damn hard (most powerful non-singing attack)
Defense Curl: puffs up like a pufferfish/balloon- this really scares opponents
Rest: takes a riduclously quick rest that rests it all up so it can fight more

...more: a Jigglypuff likes to hear itself sing. If a Jigglypuff doesn't understand that its singing puts people to sleep, it will get VERY upset with you for falling asleep during its performance and will draw squiggles all over your face with its felt-tipped pen (the handle of its microphone). Its large eyes light up when it sings. Neither method of covering or plugging up your ears will save you from the sleeping power of a Jigglypuff's song- that much is canon, but there are exceptions if you are a friend of ours (they'll either divert the sleepwaves or just not use them around you).

Pokémon: Jigglypuff Singers (group)
Same as any one Jigglypuff plus:

Chorus: the Lullaby attack x4
Round: all sing (badly- on purpose) in rounds to confuse and annoy opponent(s)
Sound Off: all scatter, hide, and continue to move around while singing to confuse and annoy opponent(s) (they can combine this with any other sing attack)
Harmony: all sing in harmony to impress opponent(s) and direct their attention away from something else (usually a sneak attack by another Pokémon)
Bring Down the House: all sing together in unison as loudly as possible (most powerful group attack)

...more: Hamillpuff normally sings tenor and can do falsetto. Ianpuff normally sings baritone but prefers acting. Seanpuff normally sings bass and can do opera. Ewanpuff almost always can and does sing whatever the hell he wants if he's leading.

Pokémon: Wiggly-tough
Cannon Wigglytuff attacks: sing, disable, defense curl, doubleslap

Sing: sings an opponent(s) into a coma
Disable: song has a calming and hypnotic effect to where they just sit there and stare
Defense Curl: puffs up like a pufferfish- this really scares just about anybody, opponent or not
Double Slap: slaps opponent with both hands repeatedly
Rocky Number: REALLY beats up opponent(s) like crazy
Bar Brawl Banger ("The Infamous Triple B", "Wiggly-tough in 3B"): all-out fight attack used to beat up a whole bar (most pwerful attack- Period.)

...more: Wigglytuffs are control freaks and will slap you around if you piss 'em off. Its eyes light up when it sings.

Pokémon: Hot ROddish
Cannon Oddish attacks: poison powder, stun spore, sleep, powder, acid, petal dance, solar beam

Powder: a pollen-like substance is emitted and blown towards opponent(s)
Sleep: sleeping powder is emitted and blown towards opponent(s)
Poison Powder: poisonous powder is emitted and blown towards opponent(s) (most powerful powder attack)
Acid: sticky acid is secreted and spit towards opponent(s) to burn them
Stun Spore: small pellet-sized spores with the ability to cause numbness on contact are emitted and blown towards opponet(s)
Solar Beam: laser-like beam of light and heat is emitted from amidst the larger leaves and directed towards opponent(s) to stun and immobilize them (most powerful poison/stun attack)
Petal Dance: small razor-sharp leaves are dropped from amidst the larger leaves and are blown towards opponent(s) in a dance-like movement to ensure little chance of escape (elaborate)
Razor Leaf: small razor-sharp leaves are dropped from amidst the larger leaves and are blown directly towards opponent(s)

...more: Hot ROddish prefers to use his razor-sharp leaves and uses his other attacks only on special occaisions and in times of great desperation. Because he gives off so much water when he cries, Hot ROddish's crying has been jokingly referred to in the past as a small water gun attack...something impossible for his type.

Pokémon: Hot ROddish's Driving
These are Hot ROddish's specialty driving/piloting attacks so far:

Chase: uses vehicle to either run away from or catch up to something/opponent(s)
Speed Demon: speeds vehicle up to top speed to out-run opponent(s)
Clip: knocks off the top of something by "clipping" it
Bump: bumps into something/one but NOT damage/mildy hurt object/opponent(s)
Brash: half-bumps half-crashes into something/one TO damage/mildy hurt object/opponent(s)
Crash: crashes into something/one to cause major damage (to them and to vehicle)
Run Over: runs over something/opponent(s) (duh)
Run Down: speeds vehicle to chase something and then ALSO either bump, brash, crash, or run over it
Dodge (" 'Dish's Dodge"): when vehicles dodges bullets or missles, it doesn't yield to the directions, speeds, or trajectories that one would normally expect (Ex: if a missle comes in from the left, the vehicle may floor it in reverse before going forward again and "jumping over" the missle's trajectory just to the right; highly unpredictable)
Silly Spin ("The Hot ROddish Corkscrew"): vehicle spins around and then spins around at the same time- much like a corkscrew; good for hitting several things at once and/or to prevent getting hit

...more: despite the "kill marks" on the dash baord, Hot ROddish has never actually killed anyone with the car...permanently damaged their egos yes. Because Hot ROddish is so small, his piloting skills are limited to pretty much just driving.

Pokémon: PeterPika
Cannon Pikachu attacks: thundershock, growl, thunderwave, quick attack, swift, agility, thunder

Thunder: electric shock to opponent(s) -mild- you'll get over it from a few minutes to a few hours
Thundershock: big electric shock to opponent(s) -huge- you'll be in bed a few days
Thunderwave: gigantic electric shock to opponent(s) -damaging- you'll be in the hospital a week or more (most powerful electric attack)
Growl: loud growl firghtens or intimidates opponent(s)
Bite: yep, they can bite
Swift: runs very quickly
Quick Attack: runs in and attacks very quickly (duh)
Agility: runs around -in circles or whatever- so quickly that it looks like several Pikachus and thus confuses opponent(s) (most powerful non-electric attack)

...more: Pikachus also have the ability to use themselves as a living lightening rod to call lightening from a thunderstorm for use in their electric attacks (it doesn't hurt them). Sometimes, if they're electric attack is big enough, it can cause something to blow up. They can also use their tails as grounds so they don't overload on electricity, or as springboards to help them jump into the air. They also have extremely sensitive ears that twitch when they hear something faint and/or threatening. A **very small** thundershock is enough to bring an elevator to the ground floor during a power failure. If a Pikachu runs low on electricity, it's in danger- one way to fix it is to attach power wires to his red cheeks and give 'em some more electricity thru a generator. This can also be used to give it a boost even when it's power supply is normal. NEVER grab a Pikachu by the tail under *any* condition, or put it in a Pokéball if it doesn't want to go.

Pokémon: Jedichu
Same as PeterPika plus (Jedichu named these himself):

"The Phantom Menace": Jedichu calls electricity from either other energy sources or from thin air using the Force/PokéForce to enhance his usual electric attacks
"energy wall": creates a wall of electricity that acts similarly to a laser wall and has the same purpose (only lasts about 10 minutes before Jedichu starts to wear out)
"PokéForce Lightening": Emperor Palpatine's not the only one who can do that- only Jedichu uses the Light Side and his own natural abilities

...more: can also use any Jedi skill, including a lightsaber.

Webmaster's note: These attacks are based on those seen and used in the Pokémon canon (games, manga, tv). I have modified them because I personally do not play the games, some of the descriptions could not work in a Sith War environment without causing confusion, and some I have never seen before. All the extra ("more") info is canon unless stated otherwise.

uploaded: 02/03/02; last updated: 10/26/03

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