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Last Updated: 01/30/03


Name: Wiggly-tough     Type: Wigglytuff

Voice: natural & unknown human voice as well

Rank/Job: guardian; stays at home and guards the bunker while we're out

Seat: pushes Ewanpuff over to sit next to me whenever in the ship, either that or just wherever she wants.

Appearence: only girl Pokémon in the bunch. She wears a Championship Wrestling Belt at all times to deterr most would-be fighters.

Personality: TOUGH! Tougher than most fighting Pokémon, hence the spelling. Can take on a bar brawlfull of 55 alone in under 95 seconds.

Strengths: fighting, has the best "onimous presence" in battle, organizing (on par with Ianpuff), battle tactics, has won most fistfights than any of us and thus has best kickass-reputation.

Weaknesses: has trouble showing her softer side if she's not dealing with the younger ones (she's *not* "butch"), her championship belt (we've rarely seen her without it), turning down a challenge for sport (but not "chicken" calls).

Often... finishes a fight before or immediately after it starts, much to the dismay of Ewanpuff. She'll use the sing attack as the ultimate last resort (personal preference).

Other: has a human voice, but we don't know which one yet since she's never used it. We think she's secretly in love with Seanpuff. Ewanpuff's UNofficial "rival" ;-) She's the "den mother" for the Pokémon back home, and deals with any other Pokémon who happen to stop in wanting to join (the orientation and requrements are TOUGH!).

The Backstory: While still a Jigglypuff, it beat up an entire bar brawlful, including all of us, in under 95 seconds. Afterwards, it said it wanted to join our group, but we had to evolve it first.
We ended up in one steamer of a bar brawl when we went out to celebrate Wigglytuff's joining us and her evolution. She took out the whole bar again, and was henceforth known universally as Wiggly-tough.
Don't ask her where she got the championship belt. Trust me, you don't wanna...

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