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Last Updated: 02/04/02
Here are some pointers and facts that we just couldn't fit anywhere else! If any of you regulars think something should be added or changed, please email me!!

The Do's

  • Please read the FAQ's!!! Many newsgroups get anywhere from miffed to royally ticked off when a Newbie asks a question that can be answered in one or more of the FAQ's, especially if the FAQ's are readily availible and the urls are often posted. We work really hard on these things for you. They are accessible throughout this site starting on the main page.

  • Use a spell-checker or at least check yourself when you type out "Weird Al Yankovic". People will think you are talking about "Wierd All" Yankovich if you don't check yourself. There *might* also be one or two people who will either ignore you or flame you for this, but please don't feel badly about that.

  • Please use the time-honored header tags where applicable, such as "FA" (for auction) and "OT" (off-topic). This is so that people who don't want to read about auctions or non-Al-related subjects can know to skip over them. We also have a list of our own specific header tags that are unique to our group. These are not mandatory, but it helps a lot when the traffic is high.

  • If you have anything Al-Related for sale on Ebay, just say "I've got some Al stuff on Ebay and here's the url". That's it, and I do mean *it*. It would also be nice if you used "FA:" in the header, that way non-ebay'ers can skip over it.

  • If you're looking for mp3's be prepared for it to go either way: you can either be flamed or you may get one or two people to point you to some mp3 sites. It depends on the mood of the group.

  • If you have your own Al site, please feel free to put it in your sig.

  • If you want to plug a relevant site during a post or thread in progress that's perfectly okay. If you have a brand new site or major update/overhaul to annouce that's okay too. Just don't do it every week cuz then it borders on spam.

  • Expect low traffic during the time in between the last tour and the new album. This is normal. We're still here, and the same rules apply as any other time. Inactivity is no excuse to cause trouble.

  • There *are* certain off-topic subjects that get posted occaisionally. This comes from the fact that many of us have become really good friends over the years and often hang together at concerts. Many of us have similar interests and often post about them. These topics include pets (especially if they have fur), radio (many of our regs host their own radio shows), and plugging your own demented albums (many posters are musical comedy acts like Al) amoungst other things...


  • Post binaries. We don't support 'em here. If you have anything you'd like to share, please put it on a website and post the url to the group.

  • Spam us. We like Spam as in "Spam in the place where I live/ham and pork/think about nutrition wonder what's inside it now...", but we *hate* spam as in: "I have some stuff for sale/please sign this petition/please visit this unrelated website/if you like ___ you'll like ___ /free trial/make money quick..."

  • Post ads. We're not the home shopping network; we don't wanna hear about it.

  • Post porn links. We don't want it. Besides we have children (minors) on the newsgroup from time to time.

  • Offer bootlegs or mp3's. They're illegal and Bermuda, Al's drummer, reads the newsgroup. Be prepared to be flamed if you dare.

  • Cross-post to any group *other than* If you're replying to a cross-post, use your instincts as to whether or not to continue. But as soon as someone tells you to stop or the topic has obviously strayed to far off-topic, stop it *immediately*.

  • Carry on a personal flame-war. If you have grievances with someone, take it to email. If what you have to say will benefit the group (such as clearing up a misconception) then make it a cool-headed response.

  • Use R-related words. Again, we oftentimes get children on the newsgroup and such language is inappropriate. If you feel you *absolutely have* to use such words, bleep them out (example: "s**t").

  • Reply to Stan. Don't even think about it. For more info, see the Stan Pages.

The DATFAQ: The Don't Ask These Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this song by Weird Al?
80% of the time the answer is no. Most pages including the Official Site have complete listings of every song and album ever realeased by Weird Al. There is also a complete listing of Al's unreleased and rare songs. If you don't see it on either of these 2 lists, it ain't Al. No matter what. Don't insist if you've heard otherwise.

Have you heard the latest song/seen the latest video?
While enthusiasm *is* encouraged, chances are we've known about these months in advance, before they were ever released. Bermuda Schwartz, Al's drummer, is a regular on AMW-A and goes out of his way to make sure we hear about the latest news & site updates first.

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