The Killfile List
Last Updated: 09/29/03, latest email

status: active!
Last Updated: 09/29/03

These are the most recent active email addresses and names being used by Stan, and the abuse departments' emails as well. Please! If you know the abuse addresses for any of these email providers, please email me! Everyone thanks you!!

What's in red is what's current.

\MIDIcian\ \(tm\),
please report to: (Altopia)

please report to:

This Guy, The Real Slim Shady, This Velvet Glove, Funk Soul Brother, Hips Taking Care Of Himself, The Unseen, Never Falls, Stan Never Falls, Stan and the Sequencers, stanwillneverfall, MIDIcian, theSequencers, the Sequencers, Stan Rosenthal, This Guy, I'm Blue [1], The Spoon [1], Stan Will Never Fall!, Little Star,,
please report to:,,,

The Spoon, The Rooster, Spoon Man
please report to:,,,,

Stan's Past Emails

status: sporadic
Last Updated: 09/29/03

History: Stan's old emails can sometimes help you judge Stan's latest ID. He often uses the name of his band (Stan and the Sequencers) in his psuedos and/or his email addresses.

reported to:

reported to:

Purple STAiN

Purple STAiN, The Messenger,

The Messenger
reported to:

reported to:

Never Falls

Stanley Rosenthal, PurPle STAiN, Significant Other

Stanley Rosenthal
reported to:
Stanley Rosenthal, Ghost In The Machine

Technicolor Lover, Purple STAiN
reported to:

PurPle STAiN
reported to:

(the) PurPle STAiN, (the) Rooster, Stan Rosenthal
reported to:,

Stan Never Falls, I really won't fall.
reported to:,

Stanley Rosenthal
reported to:

Spoon Man/The Rooster
reported to:,,

Another Handle
reported to:

I hope that this page has been of some help to you, and I hope and pray that you never receive an email from, see a post from, or see another reference to Stan again. All of his email addresses should be killfiled if possible.
But most important: DO NOT RESPOND TO A WORD HE SAYS!

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