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status: ACTIVE!
Last Updated: 06/08/03

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History: Came to AMW-A in mid-July of 1998. Disappeared for brief periods of time as abuse reports were reported to his emailers. Completely vanished from mid-September 1999 until early January 2000. Disappeared again briefly in summer of 2000. Currently on the loose.

Identity: Stanley Q. Rosenthal. He lives with his mom, and with enough digging you can easily find where he lives. (heck, he's practically *told* us where he lives!)

Reason: We don't know and we don't WANNA know! We just want him GONE!

Trolling Tactics Part1: Everything! Cross-posting, responding many times to the same post, responding to over 5 posts in 1 long post, personal emailings, putting stuff on his site and soliciting us to go see it, name-calling, deliberately going off-topic, name it!

Trolling Tactics Part2: His actual trolling in itself is very complex. Too much to list on this page, so you'll have to go here to find out the details.

How To Spot Stan: He'll make totally off-topic posts and deliberately *not* put an "Off Topic (OT)" marker in them, just to get you to read them. So in that realm, if it looks suspicious- I'd say go ahead and ignore/delete it.

The best way to spot Stan is thru his handles: "Stan and the Sequencers", "StanSquncrs", "The Messenger", "Purple STAiN", or "whatsametau". Most of those are old, but if it has "Stan", anything remotely close to the word "Sequencers", or some bulls**t about how he "Never Falls" in the handle- it's him.
To save you time, why not go here to go ahead an put him in your killfile *right now*!

I hope that this page has been of some help to you, and I hope and pray that you never receive an email from, see a post from, or see another reference to Stan again. All of his email addresses should be killfiled if possible.
But most important: DO NOT RESPOND TO A WORD HE SAYS!

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