AMW-A For Newbies Updates

06/08/03 Fixed all troll links and added some stuff there. Thinking about changing the side columns again...later.
05/27/03 Added acronym for Poodle Hat Tour.
05/23/03 Added acronyms for all Poodle Hat songs. I also spoke too soon about CSFAQ part2. :-P
05/11/03 New layout! All pages connected with the AFN site (except this one) are getting a new layout so there should only be this on popping up as links are being provided on each page. The trolls pages and front page are not yet complete or uploaded so look for those soon. There's also another concert-related FAQ in the works with the help of AMWA (as it should be) that will go with the CSFAQ (ergo, the "series" part of the name is FINALLY coming to pass). So far it's just a thread but I get the feeling it's gonna grow pretty big. Look for it when there's enough material to finally put it on the page and as always, it will be a work-in-progress that's likely to change with every concert tour.
09/08/02 Another birthday!
08/24/02 Another birthday (tho written in belatedly).
07/01/02 2 guesses...yep, another birthday!
06/22/02 And another birthday...boy they jusst keep sprouting up don't they? I think it's cuz AMWA serves great broccoli & beer.
05/18/02 And another birthday!
05/04/02 Another birthday listed!
05/03/02 Changed main page footer arrangement.
05/02/02 New addition to the birthday list, updated 2 of the killfiles, and added some good info to the trolls section.
04/23/02 Birthday list keeps growing!
04/12/02 More birthdays listed!
02/12/02 New Welcome Wagon member!
02/08/02 Another birthday!
02/07/02 Another birthday listed! ...and another, and another, and another!
02/05/02 Uploaded the Welcome Wagon!! Wow, I think this site is 99-100% complete! WooHoo!!!!!!!!!! That is until something needs to be updated or I can think of something else to add. :-) Don't worry, this site won't go dead.
02/04/02 part 3 Updates the birthdays!
02/04/02 part 2 Got the linking banners up!
02/04/02 part 1 Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Year's! Added Birthdays and Linking Banners to the side menus. Launched Birthdays page and *finally* launched the Tips page! Linking banners to be added soon! Updated the American Tribute- God Bless America!
12/20/01 Updated the Features section!
10/06/01 Loaded the banners for all the pages. Troll profile pages won't get them. Also abandoned the idea of making *every* page yellow. Even *I* couldn't stand that much! So it's just gonna be the main page that's yellow- hope it's not too bad for y'all. Also *majorly* updated the TWADAIJL! Will start work on the Welcome Wagon soon.
10/02/01 Worked on the troll pages and uploaded them. Also finally got an update popup for AFN! At long last! Also got rid of the tables' borders, added to the imagemaps, and put the final disclaimer up.
10/01/01 pm Finally launched AMW-A For Newbies version 3.0!!! How do you like the new look? Still got some things like the Tips and Welcome Wagon left to do- I think those will take a few weeks to get done.
10/01/01 am I finally found some time to do the update and new look for AMW-A For Newbies! I'm very surprised at how quickly it's all going. I've always wanted this site to have the look of the "For Dummies" books and that's also how/why AFN got it's name...except that Newbies aren't Dummies. They're just New.

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