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Bermuda Online:
AMW-A is honored to have Al's drummer and longtime friend Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz as a regular! Jon has been here since '95 and visits very often including while on tour! Bermie maintains the Official Site and usually notifies amw-a first whenever he updates it.

Jon LOVES to participate and we're all very honored to have him here!

#weird-al on IRC:
Several folks who post to amw-a also chat regularly on the #weird-al channel. #Weird-al is also proud to have Bermuda as a reg! You can reach #weird-al on just about any EFnet server. They even have their own hompage, maintained by reg, Bill Putt!

While there are some who are logged in 24/7 but are away from the computer during normal business hours, you *can* catch most of the real action after 6pm EST.

We have about 60 or so near-daily regulars posting an average of 60-130 postings on a 'normal' day as if the term 'normal' ever applied to us ;-), but it can also get pretty quiet when there's no news and it's in-between Al-bums. But don't worry, we're still there! Most regs have their own Al and/or non-Al sites; I've tried compliling a list/database on several occaisions, but there are just *too many* nice people to keep up with! At last count over 100+!

Many of the FAQ's listed/linked to on this site are posted once monthly, twice monthly, or as needed.

Sister Groups: is our thinly-populated (because everyone's on AMW-A) sister ng which is often used as a "lifeboat" when cross-posted flamewars get to be too much. Not all newsservers can read AFW-A, but you can read it via Google Groups. Another popular demented hangout for some of our regs is the Dr. Demento newsgroup Sometimes there are crosspostings between amw-a and rmd or amw-a and afw-a, but this is generally discouraged. Our sister bulletin board is World Of Weird Al Yankovic Forums and is maintained by WHiZZi. It is 100% Stan-free and even has an Ask Bermuda section!

We also tend to hang out in other music, comedy, and sci-fi groups too.

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