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Since: 02/05/02; Last Updated: 02/12/02

Hey Newbies! Are you Off The Deep End in a bad way? Here, my frends, is your life raft!

What is the Welcome Wagon?
The Welcome Wagon is a group of AMW-A Regulars who:

  • volunteer to meet-and-greet Newbies to AMW-A when they make their debut post or soon afterwards
  • make themselves readily availible to answer any questions a Newbie might have
  • aquaint them with the various goings-on around AMW-A
  • to be a friend
  • to orient them in other words

Why a Welcome Wagon?
We usually get a Newbie explosion whenever there's a new Al-bum, song or video, and many Newbies tend to jump in with both feet and end getting themselves in hot water unintenionally. Even during "off periods" there can be Newbies who come around and just don't know the ropes because either they didn't lurk long enough, had some burning questions and didn't know how to ask, or for whatever reason of theirs, they just couldn't get the feel for AMW-A and ended up leaving feeling sad or worse.

I always thought it'd be a good idea to have several AMW-A regulars make themselves readily availiable to any Newbies who may have some question or comments that they just couldn't ask on AMW-A. And so now here it is- a group of AMW-A regulars who are ready and willing to take your questions (even the "clueless" ones) and help you get a better feel for the newsgroup!

Who is in the Welcome Wagon?
The current members are:

You can email any of us; we'll be happy to help you!

What can I ask the Welcome Wagon?
Anything that you need to. It would help a great deal to read the FAQs and other resources as many of the common questions are answered there. But if there's something you don't understand, feel uneasy about, are embarassed by, or confused about, then just ask us!

We'll try as hard as we can to make you feel welcome (because you are), understand what your problems are and help you solve 'em. Unfortunately, our knowledge and expertise as a Welcome Wagon is pretty much limited to AMW-A and Weird Al so we won't be able to help you with stock quotes or calculating the curvature of the universe, but *can* help you understand the importance behind the number 27 and provide support when they're out of bear claws in Alberquerque!

Why is it called a "Welcome Wagon"?
Because R.J. FLetcher kicked us out of his limo and left us stranded in a wagon on the frontiers of Usenet, and we welcome anyone who has the words "accordian" and "twinkie-weiner sandwich" in their vocabulary.

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