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Since: 2000; Last Updated: 10/01/01
Posted to AMW-A: every 10th & 27th during concert tours

Boy oh boy, do we get these questions a LOT! Sometimes a newsgroup regular will answer them, sometimes Bermuda will answer them, sometimes a fan older than Al's career will answer them, heck even *I've* answered them - SEVERAL times! These are the most FAQ'ed of the FAQs and here are the answers, based on the personal experiences of everyone who has ever been to an Al concert, with some input from Bermuda himself!

1. How can I meet Al?
2. Can I get aftershow passes?
3. Will Al greet the people without aftershow passes?
4. Can I meet Al before the show?
5. Is meeting Al and/or a band member that important?
6. How can I get Al's or a band member's autograph?
7. Can I videotape (a.k.a. 'bootleg') the concert?
8.What about just taking pictures?

1. How can I meet Al?
Attend a record signing or other promotional event, usually at a record store, or bump into him on the streets (just don't hurt him 'k? ;) ). A small handful of people have aftershow passes, and meet him after a concert.

2. Can I get aftershow passes?
According to Weirdal.com:

Regarding aftershow passes - Despite a popular myth, valid Passes cannot be purchased; they are reserved for the media, retail and radio contest winners (where applicable), family, and close friends (which may or may not include people online.) It's simply not possible to accommodate even a small number of the people who request them and, unfortunately, we have to say no a lot more than we can say yes. Thanks for understanding.
So unless you fall into one of those categories, you're probably not going to get passes.    :(

3. I heard that Al will greet fans after a concert even if they do not have aftershow passes...
Sometimes, however such meetings are subject to Al's personal schedule and travel requirements, the venue's willingness to allow fans to hang around, the number of people who are waiting. Al is more likely to visit with 20 people than a crowd of 200, but there's no guarantee that he will come out at all.

4. Okay, then can I meet Al before the show?
Probably not. The time beforehand is when Al and the band eat, relax, and enjoy some private time. Even their own guests are asked to wait until after the show to visit (hence the name, Aftershow Passes.)

5. How important is meeting Al and/or a band member as part of the concert experience?
Most concert attendees don't get to meet the artist they came to see, so it's rather presumptuous to expect to meet Al or members of the band simply because you bought a ticket! If you are lucky enough to run into the guys, consider it a treat.

6. Then how can I get Al's or any band member's autograph?
Unless you are able to meet everyone at a concert, you will have to settle for Al's autograph by sending an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to:

Close Personal Friends Of Al
PMB 4018
8033 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90046
You won't get an immediate response, but Bermuda assures us that Al signs every autograph himself!

7. Can I videotape (a.k.a. 'bootleg') the concert?
No. The venues never permit it, and despite people who quote Al as supposedly saying it's okay... it's not. Besides, there's a great VHS and DVD of the Running With Scissors tour available in stores and on the web. Why would anyone want an inferior, home-made tape??

8. How about taking photos at the concert?
It's always a good idea to check with the venue, but one rule is universal: NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!

Also, avoid using a film speed lower than 400, or your pictures may be too dark.

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