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WAYWeird Al Yankovic (both the album an Al himself)
IN3-DWeird Al Yankovic In 3-D
DTBSDare To Be Stupid (and song of the same name)
PPPolka Party!
EWEven Worse
UHF (&OS)UHF Soundtrack And Other Stuff
P&tW (/CotAP2)Peter & The Wolf/ Carnival Of The Animals Part Two
OTDEOff The Deep End
PR:AITBPermanent Record: Al-In-The-Box
GHGreatest Hits
GH2Greatest Hits Vol 2
TFAThe Food Album
TTAThe TV Album
BHDBad Hair Day
RWS Running With Scissors
PHPoodle Hat
ILRRI Love Rocky Road
SDMCAStop Draggin' My Car Around
ARTB (AORTB)Another One Rides The Bus
IBMWIDI'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead
MFITILMr. Frump In The Iron Lung
MSMidnight Star (also the former-fanzine by the same name)
ILOJI Lost On Jeopardy
TBCDThat Boy Could Dance
TFRXIIITheme From Rocky XIII (also known as ROTK= "Rye Or The Keiser")
NTTHNature Trail To Hell
LASLike A Surgeon
OMMOne More Minute
GJWHLGirls Just Wanna Have Lunch
TITLThis Is The Life
LWAHLivin' With A Hernia
OOTDOne Of Those Days
DWTSDon't Wear Those Shoes
GEFNGood Enough For Now
CAGZChristmas At Ground Zero
MFN/BHMoney For Nothing/ Beverly Hillbillies
LMBYHLet Me Be Your Hog
(T)BBOTIM(The) Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota
SIACWVWStuck In A Closet With Vanna White
YMMYou Make Me
ITIACNI Think I'm A Clone Now
SLNSmells Like Nirvana
ICWTI Can't Watch This
IWOKI Was Only Kidding
WIWYAWhen I Was Your Age
YDLMAYou Don't Love Me Anymore
JPJurassic Park
YDAUYoung, Dumb, & Ugly (aka YD&U)
F2000"TVFrank's 2000" TV
LITFLivin' In The Fridge
SNTMSWAMShe Never Told Me She Was a Mime
HTWHHarvey The Wonder Hamster
WKWaffle King
EYKIWEverything You Know Is Wrong
SYBGSince You've Been Gone
ISSOYI'm So Sick Of You
IRLI Remember Larry
TNSWC (EGV)The Night Santa Went Crazy (Extra Gory Version)
TSBThe Saga Begins
MBILWEVMy Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder
PFFARPretty Fly (For A Rabbi)
YHFTYour Horoscope For Today
IAATPIt's All About The Pentiums
TDSTruck Drivin' Song
PATLCParty At The Leper Colony
CPCouch Potato
HSHardware Store
TDTrash Day
AWBPAngry White Boy Polka
WBULWanna B Ur Lovr
ACSA Complicated Song
WDTAHTMWhy Does This Always Happen To Me
OTASOde To A Superhero
GIFGenius In France
AMYAlfred Matthew Yankovic ("Weird Al")
SKYSuzanne Krajewsi Yankovic (Al's wife)
JBSJon "Bermuda" Schwartz (drummer and webmaster)
JWJim West (guitarist)
SJSteve Jay (bassist)
RVRubén Valtierra (keyboardist)
DBDanny Brant (sub guitarist)
MJMiles Jay (sub bassist)
YDKAYou Don't Know Al
TMBGThey Might Be Giants
BNLBarenaked Ladies (the group that is...)
TWAALThe Weird Al Acronym List
TWADAIJLThe Weird Al Definitions and Inside Jokes List
WFAHI (WTTAOSF)World Famous Alberquerque Holiday Inn (where the towels are oh so fluffy)
CSFAQConcert Series FAQ
LOTList Of Tags
AFNAMW-A For Newbies
BHTBad Hair Tour
TWSTouring With Scissors *OR* Twenkie-Weiner Sandwich
PHTPoodle Hat Tour

All other songs are too short to need acronyms or are seldom used in acronym form execpt in a sentense where the title is already mentioned. Ex: "I like Amish Paradise. I think AP is his best song ever!"

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