Crossposters Killfile

status: inactive
Last Updated: 06/08/03

History: The most recent major influx occurred during the Winter of 2001 and were virtually unstoppable. They are all non-amwa regulars that came in from other groups (mainly teenyboppers) that Stan was cross-posting/spamming to in order to carry on a mjaor cross-post flame war against Stan and against those who told them to stop it. They've since died down considerably, and some have even stopped the cross-posting, but we're not going to take any chances so this killfile is staying open just in case they return (or it needs to be added to).





Stan Followupers Killfile

status: sporadic
Last Updated: 06/08/03

History: These are the people (regardless of their origin) who can't seem to stop responding to Stan. Whatever their reason (to make Stan mad, to 'make a point', to get their 2 cents in, etc), they have been told to stop responding to Stan but have not done so. We don't want to have this particular killfile, but it's gotten far too bad recently to not have it.

Ryan Reilly, Dud Stan Rosenthal, Straw Man, Twinzlo, Come On In,


Michael Patrick Ewing,


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