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The 27
The fan obsession with the number 27 in reference to Al began as a series of coincidences that have escalated into a sort of game for fans and a secret "hello" from Al. It all started when a fan asked Al in the Midnight Star if there was any significance to the number, which had been spotted in both the "Like A Surgeon" and "This Is The Life" videos. Al's response was a sort of "I dunno- it's just a funny number" (loose interpretation). From then on, fans began to notice 27's EVERYwhere! In songs, other videos, concert dates, even the serial numbers of Al-bums!

Dave "Elvis" Rossi keeps the famed 27 List on his site. New ones are posted monthly and if you happen to find one that isn't already on the list, send him an email!

As we all know, Al loves quirky things, including names. The name "Bernie" has showed up in many songs and tv/film references that there just *had* to be a list made!

I forgot who maintains the list and where it's at, sorry.

I've recently noticed that Al shares the American obsession for chicken (even tho he's become a vegan in recent years).

I've put my Chicken List here.

Next to Alberquerque, Ohio seems to be his favorite place in the world.

The Ohio list is maintained by Jawa Hutt and both seem to be MIA at the moment...

Al seems to like this day a lot so he's used it- a lot.

Steven "NJ Steve" Shilling is the list's master. Also MIA at present.

Al is a big bowling fan, both as "Weird Al" and in his daily life. This is one element of his 'true self' that he slips into his "weird" personna on occaision.

After the first ever Alcon, some lucky fans got to take Al out for the real thing! See the pic!

"Donte esta la Biblioteca?"
AlMusic Bad Hair Day: Al was given a camera to take on-the-road footage of the Al-Can (Alaska-Canadian) tour during the winter of '95. Wreaking havoc in Toronto, Al 'buys' a 'Canadian-to-English' dictionary and asks the question in question. Oddly enough, it isn't English or even Canadian he's speaking, but Esperanto!

In the Altv for Off The Deep End Al does a mock interview with Ozzy Ozbourne. They're doing a 'say what I say' routine when Al says: "Hey Ma, pass the hammy sink." and Ozzy replies, "Now what the hell is 'hammysink?!"

For years, fans had been asking the same question, until good ol' Bermuda Schwartz found out what the hell 'hammysink' is! Check it out!

any Potato items
"Addicted to Spuds" and beyond; Al still loves his potatoes! He'll still slip one in every here and there...

The most famous line of Al's song "Alberquerque" goes: "I HATE SAURKRAUT!!!" And he has every right to because his dear sweet mother tied him to the wall, stuck a funnel in his mouth and force-fed him nothing but saurkraut until he was 26 and 1/2 years old. Why? Because she said it was good for him (the saurkraut).

Want the *rest* of the story? Go listen to the song!

"Oh spam in the place where I live..." and everywhere else I turn! First they make the stuff, then Al makes a song about it, now folks bring cans of it for Al to sign at concerts! They even wear Spamodic shirts! Any volunteers to make a list?

It might've started with UHF's Spatula City... it continued recently as a tatoo in the theme to the short-lived "Weird Al Show". Regardless, the spatula is a utencil that no Al fan should be without!

Kuni's most famous line: "Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Stupid! You're so stupid!" One of those lessons you can use in your everyday life...say it with gusto!

"Weird All" Yankovich
This guy is "Weird Al" Yankovic's evil twin. He also makes parodies, only he never gets permission to do them, they totally stink, and he often gets in trouble with the law because of it. He even has his own FAQ.

Actually, it is only a gross misspelling of "Weird Al Yankovic" and the rest is all made up. At least we hope so...