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The name is David Bowe; B-O-W-E not "Bowie". And he is Bob whateverhislastnameis, George's roomate, and failed-jobs partner. He also handles U62's finances and bookings and has a stint as Bob-O the Clown...whatever you do, don't give him a Yappy's Dog Treat!

George Newman
Al Yankovic plays George Newman, a dayreaming, absent-minded young man who can't hold a job until his Uncle Harvey wins a UHF station in a poker game. His girlfriend-ex-girlfriend-girlfriend is Terri. While there is a lot of "Weird Al" in "George Newman", the two are never *really* one in the same....except for the parodies!

Gedde Wanatanabe (yes that's his real name) is everybody's favorite karate master, Kuni. He hosts Wheel of Fish and his studio is in the upstairs room next to George and Bob's appartment. Whenever someone utters Kuni's most famous cry: "Stupid!", that quirky karate guy always pops into mind.

Aside from UHF, Kuni has appeared on The Weird Al Show, teaching Al Juno and sporting a goatee; more recently, Gedde-with-goatee has appeared on several episodes of ER!

R. J. Fletcher
Film veterean and star of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", Kevin McCarthy, plays R.J. Fletcher (Jr.) who is the rival and nemisis of all at U62. He is the main "bad guy" in the world of "Weird Al" Yankovic; him, the Hermaphrodite who lives in Alberquerque, and of course "Wierd All" Yankovich.

Stanley Spudowski
Michael Richards (of Seinfield fame) is the janitor Stanley Spudowski, whose slow-minded yet charmingly childlike manner and wit saves George's tv station with Stanley Spudowski's Clubhouse. He was also fired by his former employer and U62 rival R.J. Fletcher. A fan favorite.

Ironically, on AMW-A, it is a slam to be called a "Spudowski." This mainly has to do with the fact that the worst troll on the newsgroup shares the character's first name.

SNL's Victoria jackson plays George Newman's sweetheart Terri, who dumped him (temporarily) when his absent-mindedness goes too far in their relationship.

Up until the time Al actually got married, "Terri" and "Zelda" were revered to be the names of the women Al would be most likely to marry...comically speaking of course.

Uncle Harvey
Harvey's gambling both acquires the station and threatens to destroy it by making a deal with Channel 8's R.J. Fletcher. Luckily for Harvey, George, and everyone else, the station raises enough money to pay off Harvey's gambling debts so he doesn't have to sell the station.

Not to be confused with the hamster of the same name.

You know that Star Wars: Episode 1 promo poster with Anakin walking in the desert with his shadow in the shape of Darth Vader right beside him? Good.

You know that "Weird Al" "Running With Scissors" promo poster with Alakin walking in the desert with his shadow in the shape of a guy making a funny face right beside him? GREAT!

"Blind Lemon" Yankovic
Introduced as Al's Grandaddy in the Disney special "There's No Going Home," he is a blind man who is famous for writing the world's shortest Blues song. But alas, he isn't Al's *real* grandfather, as Al believed- to which "Blind Lemon" replied: "You sure is stupid, even for a white boy!"

A re-occurring character on many Al-tvs, AlMusics, and other projects (including one with Julie Brown). This guy is recognized by his weird voice and weird hair. He sorta yells with a lisp and can't quite pronounce his words correctly.

Harvey the Wonder Hamster
Al's best friend in the whole stinkin' world! Harvey was first seen on the original Al-tv back in 1984/5? and the two have been best pals ever since! Harvey sometimes lives in Al's closet, but prefers his elaborate habit trail as seen in their underground cave on The Weird Al Show.

Harvey is a professionally-trained stunt hamster so if there are any hamsters who watch Harvey do his stunts and wish to do it themselves- the advice, answer, and surgeon general's warning is 'NO!' Harvey's own theme can be found on Al's album Alapolooza.

Bob The Janitor
Bob the Janitor pops up every now and then. Lately he's been seen in Russia, sweeping up the whole mess that Peter's victory parade (for catching the wolf) caused. He also likes to stay at home and defrost his refridgerator.

Hermaphrodite from Alberquerque
This evil dude stole Al's lucky-lucky autographed glow-in-the-dark snorkel! The also grabbed his esophagus, chewed off his eyebrows, and gave him a colonic irrigation! This villian ought to be caught!

Height/weight: big and fat
Orientation: Hermaphrodite
Special features: one nostril, Flock Of Seagulls haircut, grabbed leg, bit-off ear, missing appendix
Traveling with: stolen lucky-lucky autographed glow-in-the-dark snorkel belonging to Al
Last seen: at the World Famous Alberquerque Holiday Inn (where the towles are oh so *fluffy*!)

Melanie is a girl who lives on the 15th floor of the Gailmore Building who simply refuses to go out with Al. Al does all sorts of crazy things to capture her heart, like going thru her garbage and giving a mohawk to her cat, but to no avail. Al couldn't stand it (the rejection), so he jumped out from the 16th story window- right above her. Now he may be dead, but he still loves her.

Al's wife in the song "Alberquerque." She is a caligraphy enthusiast with a slight overbite and hair the color of strained peaches. Once married, she and Al had 2 beautiful children: Nathaniel and SuperFly. But when she asked Al if he'd like to join the Columbia Record club, Al wasn't ready to commit so they broke up and never saw each other again. But that's just the way things go in Al-al-al-alberquerque!