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These are various scans/pix that have appeared in my blog. Just putting them here so you don't have to go digging for them if you don't want to. But I put links to the posts if you wanna read the write-ups that go with them.

on 08.04.09 was posted: 7 Eggs! Kayla's total is now 50!
on 09.22.06 was posted: Da Baron Fans 1997-98 Year One photo.
on 06.04.06 was posted: Alice all Graduated My Alice [sorta] in my Graduation cap!
on 11.11.04 was posted: My sock drawer. Colorful, ain't it? :-) I also posted my my self-painted dresser and the top. I reiterate. :-D
on 03.09.03 was posted: Chancellor Palpatine. AT LONG LAST!
on 02.18.03 was posted: Valentine's Gumby. I grabbed a Gumby!
on 11.16.02 was posted: Our best picture of Brownie. Yes it's been shrunk considerably.
on 09.11.02 was posted: 2 World Trade Center pix I took on a bus tour in the summer of 1994 and before cutting my hair (at its longest ever so far) on 09/11/01
on 05.21.02 was posted: My 12" Haircut; it's going to Locks of Love.
on 08.04.02 was posted: The infamous Lego Barbie Wheelchair model 2002 D and the Riders of the Lost Lego
on 07.13.02 was posted: Blug as realized by me due to the Blogger-wide problem everyone was having that day
on 06.06.02 was posted: Jigglypuff promo and Wigglytuff playing cards and 1977 Star Wars behind-the-scenes card
on 05.21.02 was posted: 2 Zam Wesell figures
on 05.09.02 was posted: My First Grey Hair
on 04.24.02 was posted: AOTC Yoda & Doc Brown Doc pix are from Aaron's & Harley's Back to the Future sites (sorry, can't find links).
on 04.23.02 was posted: Sleeping Protonix Monster
on 04.23.02 was posted: The 5 Oreo Springtimes Smiles
on 04.17.02 was posted: Talented Ian McDiarmid Birthday Wish
on 04.17.02 was posted: Titanic 2002
on 04.17.02 was posted: 2 Dozen Sharpies
on 04.17.02 was posted: Animal Crackers with Holes

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