Hey, WASSup? ;)
07/29/02 New addition to TWAAL. No I haven't forgot about the site- yes I will get back to it sometime before the next millennium.
02/17/02 Changed the navigations back to 4 buttons as 6 was too ambitious. Well, this site now has my top priority again! That means that it's likely that this site will be 99% finished by the time I'm done with it this go-round! I'll be changing some things, adding some things, and moving some things...you'll catch on don't worry. :-) Look for the changes to take place over the next couple of weeks. If you can't access anything, don't worry I'm probably working on it.
I just wanna apologize for my taking SOOOOOOOOO long to get back around to this site- I've been extremely busy. I also want to thank Ash who's little description of my page was the final kicker to get me back to updating this page! :-) Thanks man! Well, I'll be seeing y'all over the next coupla weeks then!
We also need to wish Al & Suzanne an happy anniversary! (altho it's a little belated here...I was out of town on the 10th)
12/20/01 Fixed link David Tanny's site and added the one for Alcon III on the Links page.
10/28/01 Fixed link to the 27 List in the TWADAIJL.
10/23/01 Happy Birthday Al!!!
10/06/01 Added more banners to AMWA For Newbies, TWAAL, CSFAQ, TWADAIJL. Also updated the TWADAIJL!
10/01/01 AMWA For Newbies *finally* gets its new layout!!! Not only that, but it's the style I've wanted for it all along!
09/27/01 Moved the counter up top and moved a few other things around on the main page.
09/14/01 Updated all site signatures and update popups.
08/10/01 Two of the compilation albums were left out of the
TWAAL! Thanks to Elvis for making that post!
07/12/01 I hadn't realized that all the links of TWADAIJL were all still pointing to the old addys! :-(
Thanks to Mike Marchand for the heads-up! All fixed now. Any other probs please Y'all let me know! Thanks!
05/29/01 Changed names of Bravenet fast urls. You can access WASS now as http://clix.to/WeirdAlSiteSpectrum and AMWA For Newbies as http://clix.to/AMWAforNewbies. They do have ad banners (nothing I can do 'bout that sorry).
05/19/01 Guestbook up & active!
05/19/01 New Bravenet counter enabled on WASS front page. Not as good as my old tracker but still good. Look for guestbook soon!
04/10/01 TWAAL listed alphabetically re-introduced.
04/01/01 Site tracker stuff removed *everywhere*! :.-(
New fanart announced! I've already got a couple done, but I wanna wait til they're at least 25% done.
02/11/01 Made some minor changes to The Weird Al Definitions And Inside Jokes List. Hope to fix the song review pages soon.
01/03/01 Thanks to Rebo, the links for the Reviews are working again! Also fixed some coding on the Review page. Look for a new feature soon!
12/30/00 Re-organized the Fanlists, ...more later today!
12/30/00 Tracking code enabled over at new location! Codings for the concert, fanart & scrapbook pix are fixed! I *do* have pix & stories for the other concerts- I just ain't scanned 'em yet! I'm busy!!
12/01/00 AMW-A For Newbies gets a new layout! Troll pages reworked & killfile list updated!
10/23/00 Not only is it AL'S BIRTHDAY, but I got the concert photo/caption pages for the first 3 concerts renamed so you can see them now. I'll do the last 2 concert photos later.
08/21/00 Concert Story for the August 20th North Charlston concert is up. The Reviews Section is getting a newer look.
07/16/00 DORK is no more.
06/24/00 I finally got the USEMAP stuff to work again so that got rid of the extra images used for the navigation maps. Which means..faster downloading! Yay!

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