27 'WAY's You Know You're An Al Fan:
The Second List

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(in no particular order)

1. Your hamster died while trying a Harvey stunt
2. You've lost more than one date due to your strange eating habits
3. You often lose your balonga sandwiches, only to find them weeks later in your pants
4. Your favorite color is every color not found in nature
5. You have a chip implated in your brain that plays "Yoda" over and over and over 24/7
6. You never leave your car for a single moment because you *know* that the tow trucks are laying in wait
7. You've tried and failed to build your own pirated satellite brodcasting system so you can take over the airwaves of a major video music channel
8. You play your Al CDs in the car with the windows rolled down and the volume at full blast
9. When you hear an Al 'target' on the radio you think "Oh they're playing Al!" and you start singing, only to find that by the second chorus, it's not Al, but the original
10. People think you're strange when you headbang to polka music
11. You know that Frankie and Al are NOT related
12. During P.E., you hope and pray that your Mom isn't watching you thru binoculars from across the street to make sure you don't get hurt
13. You try to guess every song that Al will parody and/or polka on his next album while you're listening to his current one
14. You camp outside the record store to buy Al's latest CD as soon as officially 'released'
15. When in a music store, you yell at the manager for not carrying Al CDs
16. You arrange all the Al CDs in order of release in the music store
17. You cry when you have to put your Al rareity up on eBay because you haven't any money for rent
18. Your lisence plate and/or lisence plate border is Al-related
19. You keep a computer file or floppy disk chock full of your favorite online Al pix
20. You know Al's manager's name
21. You can list every Al special (music video, Al-tv etc) in which Dr. Demento has appeared
22. You post a 'quiz' to alt.music.weird-al
23. You can spell out Al's full name using the Periodic Table Of Elements
24. You've gone thru the Alberquerque and Holiday Inn directories to find out if the World Famous Albuquerque Holiday Inn really does exist (PS- it does!)
25. You refer to 2 Looney Tunes characters as "Pathetic Coyote" and "Sadistic Roadrunner"
26. You often sit in a bathtub filled with solidified mayo
27. You think every single bus that passes by is Al's tour bus

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