27 'WAY's You Know You're An Al Fan:
The Original List

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(in no particular order)

1. You can spell "Weird Al Yankovic" correctly
2. You name your hamster "Harvey"
3. You ask every stewardess you meet if her name is "Amy"
4. You know every single word to "Alberquerque" and can recite it staying true to every single idiosyncrosy in Al's voice
5. You practically punch out someone's lights if they say "YankoviCH"
6. You have Weirdal.com listed first in your 'Bookmarks" or you have it set to be your start-up browser site
7. You hate saurkraut simply because Al hates it
8. You own at least SOME type of accordian
9. You own at least 3 Hawaiian shirts
10. You know what TWS stands for AND you've eaten one
11. You have your own personal 27 list
12. Whenever you hear the phrase "Your boring, miserable life" you have a feeling that he's talking about you
13. You make an Al website or at least have an Al reference in your Handle
14. The song "It's All About The Pentiums" has special significance to you in more reasons than just being an Al fan, a computer junkie, and a clueless newbie
15. You rejoice in the band constantly picking on Rubén
16. You check amw-a and weirdal.com 27 times a day for updates
17. You've put an Al quote in your sig at some point in your life
18. You have a need to "spread the word" of Al to everyone you meet
19. You've put pictures of RJ Fletcher, Kenny G and Prince on your dartboard
20. You know Al's middle name
21. You know NOT to ask Al to parody a certain song just because you want to hear him do it
22. On your birthday you eat a lot of broccoli and drink a lot of beer (or soy milk if you're under age)
23. You hate anybody who hates Polka music
24. You've had dreams that have included Al
25. You constanly request Al songs to MTV and VH-1 even tho you know they're nothing but teenybopper fodder and you painstakingly watch those channels in the hope that one of your requests got thru
26. You know Al's hair is NOT a perm
27. The number 27 holds some special significance to you

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