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Al Pix

Concert: Jacksonville 10.27.96
My very first Al concert happened to fall on my 15th birthday! That night was one of the best b-day presents I ever had! I got involved in amw-a almost a year later.
Al and me, Al and Chris, Jim and me, Jim and Chris, Al's foot trick, Bermuda and me, Al and the Andersons, Chris

Concert: Myrtle Beach [1] 07.28.99
My second concert, and my first where I actually *knew* folks in the online and offline Al communities!
Al and me (not up yet), Fred Olderr & Me (2), Backstage, Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz and me

In this 'blur series', apparently I didn't use the correct speed film, so ALL of my concert shots came out blurry. :( But some of the blurry shots came out rather interesting...
Germs, It's All About The Pentiums, Dare To Be Stupid, Steve, Fat (2), Darth Rubén

Concert: Greenville 11.21.99
We weren't allowed to pake pictures *during* the concert, and Jon ran out of backstage passes, so against what we both know is policy, Jon told me to wait out by the busses. That's where I got my shots.
Steve, Rubén, Jon and Me (2), Al and Me

Concert: Myrtle Beach [2] 07.12.00
Lauren had to bow out at the last minute, but the concert still rocked!

Concert: North Charlston 08.20.00
This concert was an almost-last-minute desicion; then it got cancelled & rescheduled. I was sick of being at home sick (and bored-don't ask what I was sick with 'K?). And besides it was a great opportunity to speak in person with Rubén about DORK!

Fan Art

OriginAL Works:
All of these were ones I did on my computer. My graphite drawings don't scan well so they ain't here.
Al Eye, Weird Al Site Spectrum Banner, Blue Dream, Relaxing Al,

The Scrapbook:
I wasn't able to meet Tera Doty's deadline or her 2-page requirement in time for her to deliver Al's 40th Birthday Scrapbook to him (on his B-day of course), so I had to do my own and give mine to him almost a month later (when I saw him in Greenville). Well, here it is: *my* birthday scrapbook. Sorry, you can't read it!

The Al Card:
Anyone familiar with the anime Card Captor Sakura (or just 'Cardcaptors' as the rip-off dubbed version is known) might enjoy this. The first time I saw an episode, the cards just *begged* to be parodied!

coming soon- in development

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