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I currently have these sites in my 'bookmarks' file: I think they're the best Al sites on the web, and some of 'em are by my best online AlHead pals!

If you feel I've skipped you, or you wish to be added, email me and I'll check it out! Also if you see any broken links, please let me know about that as well; I really miss 'em when they break their links! :-(

Now if you'd like to link to me... I'll probably have some little link banners in the future. I'm grateful for any links, but pretty please tell me: I'd like to know who's linking! :)

These are the best sites:  |  |  ThePentiums.Com
Steve Jay's Official Site  |  Jim West's Official Site
Alt.Music.Weird-Al Homepage  |  #Weird-al's Homepage
Aloholics' Anonymous  |  Yankovic!
Alcon 1998  |  Alcon 2000  |  Alcon III
The Twineball Inn: The Unofficial Weird Al Show Home Page

Al-Related Parody Sites: (in no particular order)

Yahoo!: Yankovic!
Netscape: Yankscape
E-bay: E-Al
Hotbot: Albot
Poké Polkamon TheSagaBegins.Com ThePentiums.Com
Microsoft: Yankosoft- How Stupid Do You Want To Be Today?
The "Paul's Dead" Phenomenon: Bermuda's Dead! (well not really)

Friends from Alt.Music.Weird-al and #Weird-al: (in no particular order)

Adam Tyner: Weird Al.Org
Marcus Brannon: AL-timedia
NJ Steve: The Obligatory "Weird Al" Page
Amanda Cohen: Who? Amanda Cohen!
Wild Peacock: page
Jawa Hutt: Muppets, Al, VT
Catra Dotem: All Things Yankovic
ThE mIgHtY fLiP: Planet Flipperon
Tera Doty: Tera a Bouton's unnamed page
Wayne C. Morris: The Wayne Effect
Slugette: 3-D House Of Waffles
Whitney: Women Who Want Weird Al [Al-Gals page #1]
?: The "Official" Al-Gal Website [Al-gals Page #2]
LASeubert: Seubert_Central
DHollinsSC: Dave Hollins, Space Cadet's Page
Spatula: (Spatula's) The Webb Page!
Tim Schnepp (Spatula): page
Denise Fred Olderr: Fatman Website
Montgomery Carl: You Can Call Me Al....Weird Al!!!
Teri: Weird Al-a-mentals
Sue Kelleher: Sue's Home on the Web
Diva: Bad Hare Day
Carole Goetzelmann: page
Matt: This is Matt's Page dedicated to AL
David Tanny: The "Weird Al" Yankovic Lyrics and Archive Page!
?: The Twineball Inn
?: Welcome to Spatula City
KAster: King Of Parody
Allie27': Weirdness Central
Sue B.: wanna write an Al article (still in developing stages)?
Elvis: We Got It All On UHF

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