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Evolution of Alice:

Alice has 4 origins:

Alice & Lewis Carroll
I'm a lifelong fan of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, so it's no surprise I might "borrow" a character for inspiration...even if only somewhat.

Matrix Direct
Not long after viewing The Matrix for the 4th time, I got to thinking about the sequels they're doing and all. Now I don't know what directions the Bothers are taking with this (obviously, since it ain't out yet and I have no inside info), but I thought that with all of the Alice in Wonderland/Looking-Glass Land references, there ought to at least be a major character named Alice. So I did what any fanboy/girl would do nowadays...I wrote a fanfic.
Now I haven't posted it anywhere and it's extremely sketchy (it's more like an outline anyway) but there was this concept I came up with that I thought was cool. Don't know if I'll ever post it anywhere cuz it needs major tweaking and it obviously won't fit in with the Matrix Trilogy once it's released.

I started lurking in RASSM in the spring of 2001 and naturally I came across some Sith War posts. Now for the life of me I had *no freaking idea what the hell was going on* but I found the idea interesting, and being in possession of a very active imagination, began toying with ideas. My first idea was the modified DeLorean that would at-the-last-minute be named the Jump-DMC. I even spent a whole month doing layered drawings of the car/ship on my computer. Other ideas included the flying eyeballs and a variant of the Dimension Jumpers.

Trolling Tea Party
I've come to understand that many people on RASSM consider James W. King a troll. Now I don't wish to get caught up in what all the gist is about with that, but me being a Newbie in RASSM, I responded to a few of his posts. We mainly talked about Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. We also joked around regarding drawing treacle well and how Darth Maul is like a writing desk. So needless to say, the concept of Alice was recent in my mind when Sith War 8.1x re-re-broke out.

Evolution of the Jigglypuffs:

The personalities I have attributed to my Pokémon are not necessarily meant to reflect on those of the animé. Any similarities between PeterPika's fondness for pumpkins and Pikachu's fondness for ketchup are only partly intentional.

Eye Spy...
My first sidekick idea was a groups of about 12 flying eyeballs. I'd seen the visual in a NY subway grafitti book my Dad has (yeah don't ask) and thought it was cool. But for some reason I thought Pokémon were better. Besides Jigglypuffs are spherical so why not?

"Friends like Ewan you I've got to leave behind..."
Of the flying eyeballs, I only came up with 2 that had personalities. One was named Ewan and was a party dude; that concept pretty much stuck.

The other was Swearin' Sam; think Yosemite Sam and Samuel L. Jackson's mad mutha f#$%#er-type characters all rolled into one. Somehow I couldn't quite bring myself to write Sam's dialog as "*&#$&$@#^%*&#" all the time and there ain't NO way I'm gonna swear that much in one week much less one post so I gave that idea up.

I never could come up with anything else involving the flying eyeballs idea so I dropped it.   Hot ROddish will chauffer you for a day if you can tell me what the title of this note is in reference to. :-)

A Chorus Line
Before I made my first Sith War post, I spent some time coming up with some backstory for my characters. I like to have at least something to go on...in my original backstory, there are 3 additional Jigglypuffs: a trio of Jigglypuff gals who can imitate any female vocalist or group. I don't know if I'll ever use them or not.

The 'Puffs

Seanpuff: I've never really liked the baby curl on the canon Jigglypuff's head so I removed it in PhotoDeluxe, and was then left with a bald Jigglypuff. The first lovable bald guy from films that I could think of was Indiana Jone's dad as portrayed by Sean Connery. So Seanpuff got the hat, the glasses, and the voice...and being as his voice *is* Sean Connery's, I had to throw in a hint of James Bond. Hence the spying, and his being the only Pokémon in the crew to have a girlfriend.

Ianpuff: Palpatine in Episode 1 had a receding hairline and I like Ian McDiarmid as an actor. So I had to have a Jigglypuff inspired by all of that, except he couldn't be evil. He could do the voice, yes, but he had to be a good guy. At the time, Mr. McDiarmid was a co-artistic director of a theatre in London, so I envisioned Ianpuff as a quiet, brainy, businessman with plenty of talent. I, however, am *not* a businesswoman so that's why you'll often find Ianpuff reading.

Hamillpuff: The original concept was Jokerpuff, but when I drew it, I didn't like the white. I'd seen Mark Hamill in some other things and he seemed kind of hyper (yes, understatement). His Joker on the animated series isn't as twisted as Jack Nicholsons's, but Jack Nicholson wasn't in Star Wars. :-) Mark Hamill does voiceovers and thus stands in front of a microphone often, but Hamillpuff prefers to listen to radio and audio media rather than participate. He'd rather be a joker!

Ewanpuff: Ewan McGreggor had (has?) a bit of a wild reputation so I wanted to play more towards that wild rebel side than the hopless romantic of Moulin Rouge. He can sing, but someone had to be the one who's always getting into trouble, and it's more fun when they're are *two* of them! And this was before I read Harry Potter. As mentioned above, Ewanpuff originally was a flying eyeball, and is the only character other than Alice to survive to fruition from the early days.

Wiggly-tough: I wanted a girl in the batch, but I'd put the 3 girl singers on the backburner. The name is an obvious pun on "Wigglytuff". How can something wiggly be tough? Well, with all the guys around the Ranch, she'd better be able to fend for herself. And with as much trouble as the others were bound to get into, despite Jedichu's best intentions, someone had to be the boss without being the bossy one. She's always had the belt.

Evolution of the Other Pokémon:

I like Pikachu and I have a soft spot for Oddish. I also wanted a character or two that could actually fight on par with a human and not just roll around all the time.

Jedi Masters: I very rarely read fanfics on the internet. <::pause for gasping::> Back when StarWars.Com was partnered with Homestead and was allowing folks to make their own fansite (the concept lasted just one year, despite being featured in the Star Wars Insider), I came across one while searching for "Sailor Jedi". The multi-crossover ff was written by a gal named Masquerade, and her characters featured Sailor Scouts, Pokémon, and a few ill-tempered actors.
There were about 3 pictures posted at the site and I got inspired to do pictures of the 5 Inner Sailor Scouts as Queen Amidala's handmaidens (as featured in the story). I only was able to submit a picture of 2, but I continued finishing the others long after the fan.starwars.com fansites so abruptly closed. The image of Pikachu as a Jedi Master taking over for Liam Neeson stuck in my mind, and I did my own concept which became Jedichu.

PeterPika: I wanted a Pikachu that could change color like a chamaelon. What I ended up with was an orange Pikachu who could only *reportedly* change color, as I found out while making a multi-colored animated .gif of PeterPika. Pikachus don't really look good in green. As for PeterPika's turning orange because he ate so much pumpkin, that's based on a true story! The name "Peter" obviously came from the nursery rhyme "Peter Peter Pumkin Eater", and since those things are mainly targeted at youngsters, I decided to make PeterPika very young. Makes for a nice contrast with all the other older ones.

Hot ROddish: If you've seen Oddish's first episode in the Pokémon series and heard how cutely sad his voice was portrayed and it tugged at your heartstrings...well, then you can understand why Oddish reeled me in. Plus I saw a beanie of an Oddish and liked the idea of a purple onion. :-)
From the beginning, I felt that an Oddish's leaves should be prehensile, so my Oddish's are. What could he do besides chop up dinner with them? Why, drive a car of course! But badly cuz Oddishes have very small bodies underneath all of those leaves. Naming the little hot rod driver was easy, paying the car insurance for him is not.

PeterPika after eating too many pumkins

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