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The Sith War: Sith War 9 is a multi-part War. What started out as outrage over yet another friggin' celebrity cameo (and a rather good War) eventually morphed into a grudge match between 2 Warriors, causing one of them to be renamed and ignored.
The Reason: If celebrity Star Wars fans can be in the films, why can't we? Plus, The Jedi Hacker is still sore from Sith War 8.1x.
The Cause: First we learned that N*SYNC was going to be in Attack of the Clones, an idea met with resistence and mockery. Then we learned they may or may not get past the editing, before finally hearing that it was all over. All throughout N'Syncgate, we were occaisionally reflective, slightly bitter, scathingly sarcastic, uncommonly fair, and maybe just a little bit upset too.
The Sith War: Technically, this is Sith War #10, but we use "Sith War 2002" in our headers.
The Reason: Do you really need one?
The Cause: When Attack Of The Clones came out and everyone started posting about it on RASSM, there were spoilers everywhere: in the headers, in the posts, in the spoiler space, in the jokes, in the nacho cheese sauce... EVERYWHERE! As a result, this thread was posted, and...well, need we say more?
The Sith War: Sith War 11 (aka "Sith War 2003") started out actually as a LOTR parody thread but since it was still 2002, we decided we couldn't follow thru with it until 2003. Now it's 2003. Need we say more?
The Reason: Lots of RASSMers seem to really like LOTR, or they at least like to talk about it. We've even had lots of cross-posted threads with the Tolkein ngs about LOTR.
The Cause: Someone (Jade) came up with aforementioned thread and someone (Policratus McEwok) thought it was a good Sith War idea. Here, here, and here are the other pre-Sith War threads to read.
The Sith War: Sith War 12, sometimes titled as Sith War 2003 part 2, and dubbed The Sith Bore. And this War actually ENDED! <::pause for effect::> A friendly game of chess has disasterous results when Tilson loses, a storyline from the unfinished first half (2003pt1) makes an appearence, as does the Sith War Goddess, while Hackboy gets himself a girlfriend.
The Reason: Muuurgh was bored and wanted some questions answered.
The Cause: Playing favorites leads to playing with favorites.
Sith War Interludes and Sith Warrish Stories:Sith Warriors Ball Christmas 2001 posted by: Peter Hanely

My server won't allow for .zips so this is a large list of links to their permanent spots on Google. I'm sure I'll .zip them for email one of these days. In cases where Google didn't pick up a post, I've provided a link to a text version of it. If you know of a genuine Sith War Post that never made it to Google or my archive and you want me to post it, not that I'd think for a moment you would, you can email me. You know how to find me by now.

Archives for Wars 1-8 are linked to from here. Sith War 9 is archived here since Hack-boy didn't finish his. No one wants to read Sith War 6 so it's not listed anywhere...yet.

ATTN KarnoDal: Where did the Sith War Cartoon move to?
ATTN Muuurgh: Did the great Factions Website ever return or is it at one with the Force?

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