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The Sith Warriors, According to the One Thread:
The Fellowship of the Thread:
Bill Anderson: as Gandalf
Michael Ponte: as the Bookbearer
ObeeKris: as Aragorn
Policratus McEwok: as Elrond
Rainbow Heron & Pokémon: as Galadriel and her Elves
Sean Walsh: as ?
Simon H. Lee: as ?
Tilson: as Boromir

Fellowship Allies:
Darth Gumby: as Bree ponies
Sith War Goddess: as Arwen

Fellowship Enemies:
The Jedi Hacker: as Gollum

Don't know yet:
Darth Par-Kay: as ?

These Sith Warriors are following a different plot:
if there is such a thing as a 'plot'
Jade: as the Archon
Muuurgh: as Muuurgh and Emperor Annoying Man
Politically Correct Star Wars Fan: as The Leader, President of RASSM

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