I've put up this page to help fellow Sith Warriors better keep up with and potentially write in my Sith War Characters. I've actually been toying with the characters for a while now (as semi-cross-over fanfic), but it wasn't until I joined RASSM and a Sith War resurged that I had an excuse chance to really flesh them out. Normally Alice is a personality all her own, however, on RASSM she's an alter ego. Sometimes she is me, sometimes she isn't...it depends on the mood really. So for now, I'll turn over the rest of the page to Alice herself:...

<Alice mode on>

Hi there! My name is Alice! I'm a Pokémon trainer with Jedi heritage, and I traverse different Dimensions (alternate realities) for a living. This small corner of cyberspace is a haphazard chronicle of my adventures in the RASSM Dimension, more particularly, in the Sith Wars. My Pokémon and I have had some rather interesting experiences overall; some of you may have been our allies or enemies at some point. Well, I figured, that since we're all already warring and generally causing nonsensical mayhem, we might as well get to know each other better.

This website is to help you better understand and write us (and how to better get on our good side or bad side).

</Alice mode off>

The means: FTC-i
The motive: RASSM
The opportunity: Pokémon
The allies: DG, ObK, Shaven Wookies, Tilson, SWG
The enemies: TJH
The mates: Sigs, Artie
The homes: VRS, AFJ
The vanity: Jump-DMC Blog
Sith War Veteran: 8.1x, 9, 2002, 2003, 2003p2 (mine)


site mirror: http://clix.to/DJAlice

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